Physicians for Social Responsibility & others to hold fart-in protest at DNC

Source: WikiHow
The Philly Branch of Physicians for Social Responsibility is promoting a fart-in protest at the Democratic National Convention. USA News tells us what a fart-in is:

Advocates for poor people and progressive causes say they still plan to make a stink – literally – during Hillary Clinton’s big night accepting the Democratic presidential nomination this month.

The plan: feed beans to Democratic National Convention delegates for Bernie Sanders, and send them into the Philadelphia convention hall to show what they think of the former secretary of state… read more

420 pound man fired for farting too much

funny-suprised-dog-did-you-fart-picsWell, it wasn’t just farting. The Daily News points out that Richard Clem had gastric bypass surgery because extreme obesity was threatening his life. Afterwards, he spent a lot of work time in the bathroom too, as he couldn’t control his bowels. According to his employer, Clem simply stunk too much, too often.

HuffPost reports that obesity is a condition protected by the Americans With Disabilities Act so Clem’s wife filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against the Case Pork Roll Co. in Trenton, where 70 year old Clem had worked as comptroller for 10 years. read more