Name the GOP boy band

GOP boy band
Source: F-Comedy Network
Can you put a name to this boy band? F-Comedy Network suggests:

~Donald and the Trumpettes~
~Four Boys//One Wall~
~Closed-Eye Carsons~

I personally like Red Tie Brigade. Add yours in a comment!

NY Daily News outs GOP-backed NRA for putting weapons in hands of terrorists

NY Daily News front page 151118
NY Daily News front page 18 Nov 2015

Republican federal officials were outed by the New York Daily News this morning for colluding with the NRA to sell guns with no questions asked and no background checks, to anyone with the financial resources to buy them. What this means, is that guns have been legally sold to thousands of people on the FBI terrorist watch list – 2000 in fact, over the past 11 years. And your Republican politician, helped to make that happen.

Good thing that Pres. Obama has made a commitment to dedicate his last year in the White House to pushing for gun control reform. read more

Why Obama’s challenging GOP positions

Obama 2012While the Republicans keep dishing out lies, Obama has to keep reminding people of the realities. Otherwise the liars win. After Ryan’s completely lying performance at RNC, the GOP rose in the polls. People haven’t known what to believe.

Fortunately, since President Obama is consistent, can back up his assertions with proof and encourages people to check out what he says, the public is slowly learning that it’s possible to trust what he says and conversely, much of what the Republicans say is suspect, if not downright BS. read more