ICE agents are out in huge numbers all over the US and in New Jersey, detaining immigrants

women protest immigration policies
Source: Michael Democker/Times-Picayune/Landov
It’s like a page out of Donald Trump’s agenda: US officials began harassing and detaining immigrants under the guise of protecting US citizens from foreign criminals. This week, ICE (Federal immigration service) agents have detained undocumented immigrants all over the country and arrests have been made in New Jersey, Georgia, Texas, North Carolina and other places. Personal reports have surfaced of agents entering homes and even churches to seize women and children away from their families. Constructions vans that may contain undocumented day laborers are being stopped on highways and ICE agents have been spotted patrolling in front of downtown restaurants. read more

Are the early 2016 immigration raids a Republican ploy to dismantle Obama’s reforms & impact election results?

Christie deport Mexicans
Source: TomoNews US YouTube channel
The timing of the ICE raids across the country coming so close to the first primary party elections in the 2016 election cycle, seems so much more than coincidental. Makes me wonder if this is another Republican political strategy to demonize Obama and the Democratic Party by association, and at the same time impact the Latino vote.

Everyone knows that Latinos are a huge block of the US immigrant population … that the Latino community is very united … and that the Latino vote will play a big role this election cycle. read more

Herramienta para combatir a los rumores, racismo y el perjuicio contra los inmigrantes

proyecto antirumores
Los nuevos inmigrantes afrentan el desafío significante de establecer nuevas vidas en un país extraño. Tampoco puede ser fácil para los residentes indígenas a acomodar no sólo un influjo de estranjeros y sus necesidades sino también aceptar a sus diferencias en costumbre, ideología y perspectivo.

De todas maneras, la asimilación de nuevos inmigrantes se hace mucho más fácil cuando los retos que cada grupo social afrenta son retos prácticos y no miedos basados en el rumor.

Antirumores Getxo read more

Immigrant children stolen & families shattered

DREAMERS display sign, "We Are America".

DREAMERS display sign, "We Are America".There are so many forms of racism and social oppression being carried out in America, it just boggles the mind. This morning, I posted on Facebook a link to an article that details sad facts about a practice I first learned about from a Nightline TV news show report “Stolen Babies”, a court-sanctioned family destruction that has been going on for way too many years. I linked to a Colorlines story on families being shattered when immigration officials detain or deport parents who work hard and abide laws, except that they lack legal United States residency status – a holy grail that is impossible for so many immigrants to obtain. Colorlines tells us, read more