Big Media hates Lessig’s campaign message¬†(get Big Money out of elections)

lessig campaign site header
Banner from Lessig Campaign Website
Who profits most when hundreds of millions of dollars are invested in funding political campaigns? Possibly it’s the media companies that get handsomely paid to serve up the ads that are bought with those millions.

So, it makes sense that Big Media is blacking out news and views about the candidate running on a platform to completely cut Big Money out of political campaigns. Harvard Constitutional Law Professor Lawrence Lessig’s platform is barebones simple: let’s reform US politics, beginning with getting Big Money out of political elections. This will make voting more egalitarian and Congress more accountable. From Lessig’s campaign website: read more

Lessig’s Conference About a Constitutional Convention 9/23-25 in Boston

My family is going to be a roving video interview team at Lawrence Lessig’s Conversation About A Constitutional Convention in Boston September 23-25 2011, and we’d love to see our friends there as well. It turns out that the people’s will can actually trump congressional law – given that enough states and individuals come together and vote their will at a constitutional convention. Who would have thought?

Fortunately, as a professor of law at Harvard – Lessig looked into this possibility and he has invited concerned citizens, and the Tea Party leader, to discuss the prospect of such a convention. Lessig says that it’s important to include the opposition in discussions about process for determining social change, and that process is something that can – and should – be agreed upon by all parties even when opposing factions have their own views about what direction it is that society should move in. read more