Small Business Resources

Government and Affiliated Resources

Small Business Administration Website
A federal resource for small business information on financing and technical assistance, a guarantor of loans for small businesses and an agency which certifies certain special small business designations which assist companies holding them with government contract procurement.

From here you can jump off to other resources like SCORE and the SBDC Centers

This is an SBA-affiliated national organization which provides free technical assistance and some training to small businesses just starting up, in growth mode or struggling with financial and other difficulties.

SCORE counsellors at one time were all retired businesspeople but now may be successful business owners and major corporation managers or executives who are currently working. Service is completely confidential and counsellors do not compete against the entrepreneurs they mentor. Most counsellors have fabulous experience in business and all are knowledgeable and share generously.

  • SBDC Centers
    These Small Business Develop Centers are partnerships provided for by federal government and community college funding, typically located at community college campuses and satellite offices throughout the country.
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