Bergen County park restrooms and amenities will re-open Saturday, 06 June

James McFaul Environmental Center

Bergen County park restrooms and amenities re-open Saturday, 06 June

Giving up our fantasy addiction is how we will make life good

This 8 minute film shows us the value of being alive at a time when communication is possible on a scale never before experienced. Yet, while the world is being destroyed and monetized we pay more attention to our screens than everything else around us.

But, we are not in a movie where everything is decided in advance. In real life, WE write the script. Let’s give up our addiction to fantasies that are being fed us and script our own … beautiful future … together. All power to the people!

And by the way, always remember we must work to keep the internet open always.

Hat tip to Dox Diggla for the great find

Woody Harrelson challenge: better the world

Woody Harrelson gives us a glimpse into the workings of his mind and shares thoughts about our world and our societies. Great video and poem with his narration. Worth 3 minutes of your time.

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