Platform: A Vision for Black Lives / Una Visión para las Vidas Negras

Vision for Black Lives
The policy platform A Vision for Black Lives, is breathtaking in its vision and scope. Demos Action and Mijente contributed a Spanish translation of the platform.

Visite la plataforma en español Una Visión para las Vidas Negras.

You can follow along and participate in the conversation today and tomorrow (August 1st and 2nd) at #Vision4BlackLives.

Usted puede seguir y participar en la conversación hoy y mañana (01 y 02 Agosto) en Twitter utilizando el hashtag #Vision4BlackLives.

Down about the conventions? This is what a real platform for transformation looks like. #Vision4BlackLives read more

Petition of woman sent home for not wearing high heels gets 120,000+ sigs in 2 days

Nicola Thorp
Source: BBC interview with Nicola Thorp

Londoner Nicola Thorp doesn’t want to wear high heels to work and apparently, a lot of other UK women don’t want to either. After Ms. Thorp’s new employer sent her home because she came to work in flat shoes, she started a petition, “asking the U.K. government to make it illegal for companies to require that women wear high heels to work.”

I got sent home from work for wearing flats. It's still legal for employers to require women to wear heels..pls sign read more