NJ Court rules insurance co must pay PSEG for Sandy’s damage

downed wires on highway - sandyNew Jersey property insurance holders were fortunate that Superstorm Sandy was downgraded by the National Weather Service to the classification of a post-tropical tornado shortly before it made landfall. Had Sandy been classified as a more severe weather event, insurance companies might have been relieved of much of their obligation to pay on the damage claims that were filed. Courts have made it clear to insurers that they must pay those claims.

But, it has taken until now for the question of whether PSEG’s insurance company must pay for the $500 million damages the energy utility incurred as a result of the storm. The insurer wanted to cap payout at $100 million but on March 23 legal judgement was emphatically entered in favor of the utility: read more

Operation Hope

Non-profit organization HOPE Coalition America (HCA) through its disaster preparedness and recovery division, established Operation Hope to provide financial recovery services to Sandy victims. Individuals and small business owners can receive free information, guidance and assistance for loss associated with storm recovery by calling 888-388-HOPE (4673).

Services provided include:
? Disaster Recovery Budget
? Mortgage on a Destroyed Home
? Home Inspections and Repair Contracts
? Assistance with Working with Your Creditors
? Referrals to Government and Private Agencies
? Assistance with Obtaining Copies of Destroyed Documents
? Insurance Claims Assistance
? Completing Applications for Grants and Loans read more

Extension on registrations, inspections & licenses for NJ drivers

MVC Chairman and Chief Administrator Raymond P. Martinez issued Administrative Order 2012-03 authorizing a 30-day extension for all driver’s licenses, vehicle registrations and inspections due to expire on Oct. 31. Martinez also authorized Administrative Order 2012-04, which waives International Registration Plan (IRP) and International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) requirements during a state of emergency declared by the Governor of New Jersey. This temporary waiver will aid commercial motor carriers in delivering essential services and emergency relief supplies in a timely matter to areas that may be affected by Hurricane Sandy. read more

Resources for Newark residents

Newark County Committeeperson Douglas Freeman called in to say, Newark’s South Ward Residents need food, baby food, diapers; warming and charging stations. Residents basically just want something that says, “We care. we’re not just leaving you here and you’re fending for yourselves with no one caring what’s happening to you. I was in the dark along with everyone and we had electrical wires hooked up between houses and all of that – if we could do that, I know the city can do something … Just show people that you care, that’s all.” read more

Report on voter woes in Bergen County NJ

Hundreds wait to vote in person at Bergen County Clerk Nov 4 2012

Here are details of the report I sent in about voting issues here in Bergen County, NJ to Our Vote Live, set up by Craig Newmark (of Craig’s List) and other civic rights advocates to protect voter’s rights and make sure the conservatives don’t get away with suppressing people’s voting rights in this pivotal election. If you become aware of any voting issues, please make your own report.

Hundreds wait to vote in person at Bergen County Clerk Nov 4 2012
Hundreds wait to vote in person at Bergen County Clerk Nov 4 2012
The Bergen County Clerk this afternoon remarked that State issued a new and confusing Directive just yesterday (Saturday). Apparently, County Clerks all over the state asked all week for a Directive to be issued. read more