Cracking the Codes shows every day racism in America

vignette - trip to the supermarket

vignette - trip to the supermarketNew film asks America to talk about the causes and consequences of systemic inequity. Check out this vignette from the movie Cracking the Codes in which Joy DeGruy describes A Trip to the Grocery Store, where she as a Black woman is targeted for humiliation until her white skinned sister-in-law steps in.

Sister-in-law shines a deserving spotlight on the injustice and inequity of how poorly Joy is being treated as compared with the friendly and welcoming customer service she just received. It becomes immediately clear to all observers that the shabby treatment is race related and it needs to stop. Joy points out that her half-Black, half-white SIL who appears to be a white woman, journeys through life with an understanding of the power of white privilege and is not afraid to use it to right racial injustice wherever she goes … And Joy invites white people everywhere to do the same.
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Racist Romney & GOP move to block the Latino & Black vote

If you think the Romney/GOP election tactics seem like a racist ploy to intentionally block Latino and Black people from voting, you’re not crazy. Spend 4 minute watching this video from Van Jones’ Rebuild the American Dream team to see the dots neatly connected. It proves that this sad fact is true. God help America.

Fight by helping everyone you know that plans to vote for a fair America and President Obama to get their identification documents ready so they can’t be turned away at the polls. Inform yourself about your rights as a voter. Write to your elected officials and urge them to fight for American justice, fairness and the upholding of the one person, one vote system. Ask them to work hard to get big money out of general elections once and for all. And vote! Remember, New Jersey and some other states allow early voting and vote by mail. read more