Customers petition Verizon to cut prices

Verizon - get rid of service contracts

Verizon - get rid of service contractsTalk about hard to find! I learned from a Facebook post by Mayor Wayne Smith about 55,000+ customers petitioning Verizon to cut their fees. I looked at the Techyville article but founc no link to the petition. Several Google searches I ran through – web, Google News and a Google power search on the website where the petition is supposed to be, didn’t pull anything up either.

Then I found an article which links to the petition at the end of a post. But then I stumbled across another url that couldn’t be any simpler: just and this is the one I’m sharing. I can’t remember where I found it (oops) but no matter. The point is, you can now navigate to the petition and sign away! read more

Verizon pushes court to rule that “free speech” equals suppression

Verizon’s stunning challenge to the FCC rule that dictates that the internet should be open, is that its (Verizon’s) “free speech” rights will be violated if it is not allowed to,

“…suppress someone else’s ability to transmit or receive information.

…Here’s the twist: Verizon clearly knows better. Its joint statement with Google about the prospect of open-Internet rules in early 2010 stated: “The minute that anyone, whether from the government or the private sector, starts to control how people access and use the Internet would be the beginning of the end of the ‘net as we know it.” read more