Bernie Sanders will hold Town Hall on inequality with Elizabeth Warren & Michael Moore

inequality town hall 180319
Photo: PBS
Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) announced Thursday that on March 19 he will host Inequality in America: A National Town Hall on Facebook Live focused on inequality in the United States in partnership with The Guardian, NowThis, The Young Turks and

Sanders, along with filmmaker Michel Moore, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, economist Darrick Hamilton and other experts, will discuss poverty in America, the 40-year decline of the middle class, the growing power of corporate interests and how we an economy that works for all Americans. read more

Why America needs Elizabeth Warren to run for president

Elizabeth WarrenI love Bernie Sanders Bernie Sanders, but the politician that completely awes me is Elizabeth Warren. These progressives both speak powerful truths that America needs to hear, so maybe it’s a style thing – Warren is a bit more polished than Sanders – or, maybe it’s Warren being a woman. All I can tell you is that this lady has become very special to me. And I have a dream … that this outspoken advocate who believes in and champions decent values, dignity and living wages for working Americans, honesty and integrity in the business community; truth in politics and the media and students not being forced into a lifetime of debt in order to get college educated and protection of social security and other social safety nets … will run for president in the 2016 Election and win. read more

Don’t mess with Elizabeth Warren – she knows her stuff

elizabeth warren courtesy of Salon

elizabeth warren courtesy of SalonRight wing talking heads with their propaganda spouts open full force, need to know that Elizabeth Warren can’t be bested when all you’ve got to lob at her are innuendo, lies and bluster. Why is that? Because Elizabeth Warren tells the truth. She’s extremely well-spoken, she knows how to knock a lie flat on its face. She possesses impeccable recall of true facts and real data. I happen to also love the way Warren smiles like nobody’s business after she drops a huge truth-bomb on a challenger, which makes propaganda spinners trying to shut her up look like silly prancing bullies in tutus. read more