That disgusting hand sign #45 likes to make – is the sign for White Power

#45's White Power Hand Sign
#45’s White Power Hand Sign Source:

What is our degenerate non-leader doing in this picture? Right, you guessed it – something disgusting. His hand sign consists of forming the letter W with three fingers and P with the circle of his thumb and index finger and the line that is formed by the base of his thumb.

This is a symbol for White Power. And the president of the United States makes it openly. God help us.

“White supremacy” groups alive & well in north Jersey

Although some mainstream newspapers have given this matter a bit of coverage, it remains a little-known fact that the white supremacy movement is alive and well in northern New Jersey.

A Village Voice article describes the experience of an undercover reporter who got himself invited in 2007 to attend a “white power” event that was held in Elmwood Park, New Jersey.

. . .white supremacist groups around the country had called for “patriot” get-togethers over the three-day weekend. The one organized for the New York area included a Saturday barbecue and a Sunday visit to “the incomparable Metropolitan Museum of (White) Art.” read more