The Port Authority will cancel $8.25 in commuter toll discounts – and says this is a good thing

GWB tolls via Wikipedia

The Port Authority will cancel $8.25 in commuter toll discounts - and says this is a good thing

NJ bill requiring school sustainability plans advances out of committee

Trenton – In an effort to ensure New Jersey schools are meeting the state’s environmental goals, the Senate Education Committee today advanced legislation sponsored by Senator Bob Smith that would require school districts to include an environmental sustainability plan in their long-range facilities plan.

“There are currently close to 600 school districts in New Jersey, and while they all vary in size, their facilities consume large amounts of carbon energy to keep them running,” said Senator Smith (D-Middlesex/Somerset). “With the climate change crisis resulting in drastic, observable changes in the environment, it is imperative that we meet our state goals to reduce the production and consumption of greenhouse gasses through expanding our use of clean energy. By requiring our school districts to look into means to become more sustainable, we can set a precedent for the rest of New Jersey to also find ways to be more environmentally friendly. We only get one Earth, and we must find real solutions to reverse some of the damage done by climate change before it is too late.” read more

How one man is turning desert into green land

Allan Savory at TED 2013

Allan Savory has discovered a fool-proof method for turning dry deserts into lush, green and growing lands. The method? Run huge herds of livestock through the land and watch grass, bushes and eventually trees, spring up in their wake. Food and fauna can grow there. Ecological systems are renewed and recovered.

As the land is repaired and regenerated, carbon is also sequestered in the soil. There is no downside to Savory’s method. Watch him tell all about it in this TED talk.

Lawyer who fought Chevron over the Amazon was held for 993 days – now free

Steve Donziger now free

Lawyer Steve Donziger who fought Chevron over the Amazon was held for 993 days – and was freed on Monday 25 April 2022.

Over half of dollar store items are poisonous

Dollar tree store

Over half of dollar store items test positive for poisons including food and children's toys

FTC fines Big Box stores for claims that rayon is ‘eco-friendly bamboo’

Textile production roomm

FTC fines Big Box stores $5.5 million for claims that rayon is 'eco-friendly bamboo'

Help build the future – apply now for a clean energy job

Clean energy job diversity

Help build the future - apply now for a clean energy job with the DOE's Clean Energy Corps.

Can probiotics save honeybees from disease and collapse?

Honeybee hive

“Probiotics aren’t just for humans,” said Gregor Reid, Ph.D., Professor at Western’s Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry and Endowed Chair in Human Microbiome and Probiotics at Lawson. “Our idea was that if you could use beneficial microbes to stimulate the immune response or attack the pathogens that are infecting the hives, then maybe we can help save the bees.”

Source Western University video: read more

EJ in Newark and globally: panel discussion January 11

NJ home to strongest EJ laws

On Tuesday, 11 January 2022 from 7:00-9:00pm a panel discussion will be held via Zoom as a joint initiative of The Wei LLC’s EJ Chat Series, Diversity United and Ahavas Sholom Jewish Congregation on ways that residents of Newark, New Jersey and communities around the globe are being impacted by environmental justice issues which affect their health, lifestyles and economic well-being. Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in a live question and answer session following the panel, which will be led by Kimi Wei. read more

Act now to support the Liberty State Park Protection Act

Protect Liberty State

Act now to protect the open space and wildlife habitat areas of Liberty State Park with the LSP Protection Act currently making its way through the New Jersey Legislature.

List of green energy jobs in northern New Jersey

Green energy jobs

Green Energy Jobs from Newark One Stop and the Newark Workforce Development Center

Bus stops in one Dutch city now have bee-friendly green roofs

Dutch city bus stops now have #greenroofs that look great and are bee-friendly #p2

Wasps kill pest insects. Want a free wasp house for your garden?

A friend is giving away a wasp house. Wasps are good for gardens because they gobble up lots of insect pests. Edwin has one already and doesn’t need two – so he’s giving one away. If you want a wasp house you can pick this one up in north Jersey– or maybe get instructions for getting a new one made. Just reach out to me @kimiwei on Twitter or thekimiwei on Facebook and I’ll arrange the pickup.

Please bear in mind that wasps cannot be housed near beehives, because they kill bees too. read more

Bill Maher guest talks about Citizens’ Climate Lobby’s excellent training

Bill Maher guests
Bill Maher guests

If you’re still wondering whether Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) is worth putting time into, here’s another testimony to mull over. On Bill Maher’s RealTime, guest Bradley Whitford talks about the high quality training CCL offers to teach Americans how to talk about climate change with Republicans. Because climate change needs to be a lobbying priority and conversations about it must take place on both sides of the aisle.

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