Free cellphones for low-income NY households

TracFone Wireless launches SafeLink Wireless in New York, making cellphone use free to low-income families eligible for the Lifeline utilities program. Lifeline is a U.S. government supported program for income eligible families that ensures telephone service is available and affordable.

The service will provide eligible households a free cell phone, mobile access to emergency services and free 68 minutes of air time, monthly for a one year term which the customer can apply to extend the following year. The free cell phone offers all of the convenient features customers want in a phone: voicemail, text, call waiting, international calling to over 60 destinations and caller ID. read more

What gas costs today at service stations near you

Now you can check the price of gas daily at over 90,000 service stations.

. . . prices are provided by OPIS. OPIS is the only comprehensive source of U.S. wholesale and retail petroleum prices, tracking more than 90,000 daily retail gasoline prices, and 70,000 rack and spot prices for heating oil, gasoline, diesel, kerosene, jet fuel, LP-Gas, residual fuel, natural gas and ethanol. More than 100 billion gallons of fuel are purchased annually based on an OPIS Price Index.”