We're committed to the environment and sustainable practices

The Wei is committed to sustainability in all matters. We believe in conserving nature, cultural traditions and protecting our planet. We keep our carbon footprint low by using electricity and gas sparingly and our team members grow their own food, ferment, keep bees, participate in food recovery, freecycle and practice other sustainability measures in their personal and professional lives.

The Wei Family was recognized as Fair Lawn, New Jersey's greenest family in 2017. Our family members are also fellows of the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation-funded Cloud Institute for Sustainability's NJ Learns Program, and two of us (Kimi and Ivan) are also New Jersey Environmental Stewards. We all have seats on the Fair Lawn Green Team, with Kimi chairing the boro's Sustainable Jersey recertification committee.

We can help you Go Green

For The Wei, Green is a way of living and working. But also consists of an approach and a skillset we're willing to share.

We offer green printing options, web hosting services – and green coaching for companies wishing to make their organizations or events more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

How can we help you?

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