Gotta believe somebody

Le Creuset Demi Tea Kettle
I bought a nice little Le Creuset enamel-outside tea kettle second hand and when I washed it up, I spotted a little rust where the body meets the spout – and in the bottom of the spout. I googled on getting rid of rust and came across a delightful post. The technique suggested is for good advice for removing rust from a cast iron pot (which mine isn’t, exactly), but the poster’s counsel on how to choose a method out of all those offered in the thread, is absolutely wonderful! See for yourself:

May 14, 2012
Hi Cathi. I think the paint will come off with steel wool, sandpaper, or wire brush. If it’s too much work to do by hand, a battery operated portable drill can be fitted with any of the above tools. I wouldn’t use paint removers.

After that, well, what can I say that could possibly herd together the divergent (and even intolerant) seasoning advice you’ve read on this page? 🙂

You’ll have to believe somebody and follow their advice, and dismiss everyone else who says they’re wrong 🙂


Ted Mooney, P.E. RET
Pine Beach, New Jersey

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