Many excellent reasons young people like Bernie much more than Hillary

The Youth Vote Matters
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My answer to friend Bryan Alexander‘s question to friends earned me the top spot in his Facebook post list for 2016. He asked: “Here’s a question for readers of any political stripe. Why is Bernie Sanders winning much more of the youth vote, as compared to Hillary Clinton?”

My response. I’ve got 2 millennials at home, both social/environmental justice champions. They love Bernie for a plethora of reasons:

He explains how political and financial systems work, and they want to know. read more

Tools and terms to help you understand the 2016 Presidential Election

Democratic and Republican Political Symbols
Source: Survey Monkey
Type of tool/term Link What it does
Polls Daily poll List shows results of major polls and the point spread between top candidates in each race
Financial Terminology Campaign finance glossary Glossary of presidential campaign finance jargon
Bundling FEC Bundling FAQ FAQ on Lobbyist Bundling
OpenSecrets Run by The Center for Responsive Politics. Mission: to Inform, Empower & Advocate
FollowTheMoney The nation’s only free, nonpartisan, verifiable archive of contributions to political campaigns in all 50 states
Vote Smart 40,000 politicians, millions of facts
Political Compass Tracks the socio-political positions of politicians in democracies and in political races.
Greenhouse browser plug-in Lets you hover over politicians’ names on any web page to see which donors have given them money, and how much.

Ben Carson is after white approval & votes, not for #blacklivesmatter

Ben Carson dinosaur wrangler
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Ben Carson’s not trying to win over the black vote. He has his eye set on courting conservative white people. US News quotes university professor David Lublin:

When he argues that the black community needs to reject government handouts and the Democratic Party’s “welfare state,” Carson offers “validation for positions held by [white] Republicans” that structural racism doesn’t exist, or are uncomfortable with a black president insisting it does … He’s a Republican. He speaks at conservative forums, which are mainly forums for white people. Certainly black Twitter isn’t rushing to gush about Ben Carson. read more