Grátis comidas preparadas en Glen Rock / Free prepared meals in Glen Rock

Sikh food flyerrs

Grátis comidas preparadas en Glen Rock / Free prepared meals in Glen Rock

Commissary Kitchen, a prison cookbook by a Mobb Deep rapper

mobb deep, prison chef
Source: Teddy Wolff/Infamous Books

A new cookbook is on the market about which its prison chef author Prodigy Johnson of the rap group Mobb Deep writes, “This book won’t make you a better cook, but it might make you a better person.”

Knowing what to eat and how to make it is evidently such an important part of prison life that there’s an entire cottage industry of cookbooks written on the subject. Inmate survival guides often have a section on food and how to use the commissary to augment prison diets. Commissary Kitchen: My Infamous Prison Cookbook, which will be published this month, is written by Prodigy and journalist Kathy Iandoli.

In the book, Prodigy describes how his lifelong battle with sickle cell made him hyper-conscious of what he ate while incarcerated.

“I couldn’t afford to get sick in prison,” he writes. “My sickle cell is no joke, so I couldn’t eat poorly or not exercise. And everything in jail is designed to do the exact opposite.” This is just a hint of what sets Commissary Kitchen apart from other books in the genre — it’s about Prodigy’s experience of prison as much, if not more than, about the food itself… read more

For healthy and non-GMO foods, vote for House and Senate candidates like Josh Gottheimer

Josh Gottheimer v Garrett in NJ's 5th CD

In November, vote for the House and Senate candidates who believe in good, healthy and GMO-free food. Food Policy Action compares the food positions of 12 sets of candidates.

Here’s the scoop on Rep. Scott Garrett vs. Josh Gottheimer – New Jersey’s 5th District Congressional candidates:

Josh Gottheimer supports a strong federal safety net for seniors and food insecure families with children. He also supports fair wages and working conditions for food and farm workers. Incumbent Scott Garrett has voted repeatedly to cut hunger reduction and nutrition programs like SNAP; and he opposed measures that would reduce the misuse of antibiotics in food.

What if industrialized food has made us fat and we’ll be slender if we eat wholesome foods?

Cake v. salad

Paul Tappenden believe that food choices – not gluttony or a predisposition to being fat – are why so many Americans are overweight these days. And he offers some pretty good ideas on simple changes we can build into our eating habits that will significantly change our fat quotient.


Why are there so many over weight people in America? I have many well intentioned friends who are 30 to 40 pounds over-weight. For the most part they don’t want to be that way, and in many cases they put themselves on diets to no avail. They are not vast over eaters, yet the pounds keep creeping on

What saddens me most is that they don’t need to be that way. You see, it isn’t about calories or gluttony, it is about food choices. The disturbing fact is that the majority of industrialized foods are filled with toxins that disrupt our endocrine systems causing weight gain, chronic disease, infertility and cancer.

Even so called lite and diet foods contain these toxins, ensuring that no matter how fastidiously one diets, the results will be temporary at best.

If you think this situation will improve any time soon think again. There are entire industries built on the fact that you will be sick and obese.

So long as you eat pre-made, packaged foods, you are adding to your health and weight problems. In order to give these “foods” long shelf life and to make them palatable, companies add chemical preservatives, flavor enhancers, artificial colors and flavorings, conditioners and, to make up for the lack of nutrients, synthetic vitamins (most of which are useless at best),

The ingredients in these cheap foods are sub-standard and often toxic in their own right.


For simplicity sake I’m dividing fats into good fats and bad fats. Canola oil, corn oil, soy oil, cottonseed oil and the vast majority of oils used in industrial food preparation are bad for you, and when they are hydrogenated, as in the case with butter substitutes, Crisco etc they are even worse

The fats you should eat are butter, egg yolks (yes folks, they are both good for you and your heart), olive oil, coconut oil, avocado and even lard. Of course, these should be obtained from good organic sources, to avoid any added toxins.


There are even good and bad sugars. High Fructose corn syrup and refined white sugar are among the worst. Organic, unfiltered honey and coconut palm sugar are both low glycemic and filled with nutrients.

Most sugar substitutes are as bad for you as the sugars. In fact it has been demonstrated that Aspartame causes you to gain weight, so what good is it?


Starch turns into sugar in your system. Sugar feed diabetes and cancer, So limit the amount of starch you consume. Even whole grains can be problematic.


The other big concern is the presence of GMO’s (mostly concealed from the consumer by law). The industry claims are that GMO’s are safe. However, even if they were (which overwhelming evidence disproves), they come heavily dosed with highly toxic pesticides, that also disrupt hormones and may cause cancer.


Limit the amount of meat you eat. Rather than eat a pound of industrial beef, eat half a pound of organic, grass fed beef. It will give you all the goodness without, growth hormones, antibiotics and GMOs (all of which make you fat). Meats also acidify the body, making it a good breeding ground for cancer cells.

The bottom line is to eat organic, fresh whole foods. If you are over weight, you will begin to see those pounds drop away and your health improve.

Hat tip to José German-Gomez for directing my attention to Paul’s post.

English Muffin with butter & jam

fork split english muffinI want to make sure all my friends know that English Muffins must get split with a fork (or another tined object) but never a knife. The point is to preserve the nooks and crannies which after all, is an important aspect of every good American’s civic duty.
English Muffin with butter & jam
Then you toast the muffin. English Muffins must always be well toasted. Apply jam, butter or cream cheese and munch happily away. My sainted mother passed these traditions along to me when I was a girl, and now you know too. Enjoy!

Resources for Newark residents

Newark County Committeeperson Douglas Freeman called in to say, Newark’s South Ward Residents need food, baby food, diapers; warming and charging stations. Residents basically just want something that says, “We care. we’re not just leaving you here and you’re fending for yourselves with no one caring what’s happening to you. I was in the dark along with everyone and we had electrical wires hooked up between houses and all of that – if we could do that, I know the city can do something … Just show people that you care, that’s all.”

I was able to find some resources for South Ward residents. Relief efforts are being coordinated by area churches with resources coming from several sources – see the list below. Resources are being added daily and this list will be updated as they become known.

A Red Cross coordinator urges people to call 973-733-4311 to ask for any help they need: transportation to shelters and food pantries; diapers, baby formula; food, blankets. A higher volume of calls will result in more attention being given. Feel free to ask a neighbor, friend or relative to make the call for you if you are unable to call yourself. If you are able to give a ride to anyone, or if churches can make their vans available to mobilize people, many can be helped.

Shelters & Supplies for South Ward Residents

  • Red Cross Shelter
    • JFK Recreation Center at 211 W. Kinney Avenue, Newark
      Sleep-in shelter
      Meals and many other resources

    St. John on Bergen Street and Lyons Avenue

    • Food and water
      Is a warming and charging station
      People can sleep over (it’s also a shelter)

    Pleasant Grove Baptist at 185 Chadwick Avenue

    • Water and rations

    Clinton Hill Resource/Community Center On Clinton Avenue next to Blessed Sacrament and Osborne Terrace

    • Serving a hot meal at 5:00pm daily
      May have diapers
      Is a warming and charging station

    Mt. Vernon Baptist Church on Clinton Avene and 13th Street

    • Hot meals at 12:00pm and 5:00pm
      May have food pantry

    General Resources

  • American Red Cross of Northern New Jersey serving Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Passaic and Sussex Counties
    209 Fairfield Road, Fairfield, NJ 07004, 973-797-3300 or 800-733-2767
  • New Hope Baptist Church
    106 Sussex Avenue, Newark

    This is a FEMA hub and will try to obtain whatever resources the community needs
  • read more

Sandy recovery – get & give help

General government-based assistance

  • Legal hotline for NJ residents needing legal assistance after #Sandy.
    1-888-541-1900 or probono_public_service/ls_pb_hurricane_sandy_fema_new_jersey.authcheckdam.pdf
  • A special Federal Government website is set up to process Sandy requests It consolidates the application process across several Federal agencies, including FEMA and the Small Business Administration and reduces the number of forms applicants will need to fill out and you can check the progress of your applications online. You can also apply at
    • 1-800-621-FEMA (1-800-621-3362) or
    • via smartphone at
    • Speech disability or hearing loss
      TTY 1-800-462-7585
      711 or Video Relay Service (VRS) 1-800-621-3362

    Financial assistance and grants

    • Look into applying for a Lion Clubs International direct grant or see what your local club has to offer.
    • FEMA assistance and how to apply
    • 5. Operation Hope
      Financial dignity nonprofit Operation HOPE offers financial triage, financial recovery and free consultation services for individuals and small business owners impacted by Hurricane Sandy. More information here

      6. Disaster SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) Information (aka Foodstamps)
      SNAP Handbook Guide
      b. D-SNAP Toolkit: SNAP Guidance Toolkit.pdf

    Health issues

    The New Jersey Department of Health has public health experts available through the state’s 2-1-1 system to answer questions about food and water safety and mold removal. To reach public health experts, call 211 or 1-866-234-0964, or visit them online at Experts are available 8am-8pm weekdays and 10am-5pm weekends. More than 800 New Jersey residents have called the Department of Health hotline seeking help with food and drinking water safety, mold removal and prevention of carbon monoxide poisoning. The 211 number is open for general enquiries 24/7.

    General help

    • Lists of shelters, food pantries and soup kitchens at:
    • FEMA Diaster Assistance Q&A Video
    • Find a “>Red Cross shelter
      1-800-RED-CROSS or
    • or Text “Shelter + Your Zip code” to 4332.

      • National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD)

        La Casa de Don Pedro
        75 Park Avenue, Newark, New Jersey 07104
        If you would like to report on additional resources available or any immediate needs that you observe, please send us an email or call us at 973.482.8312

        Collection Drives & Distribution Centers

        Please check that organizations are still taking in donations before you drop anything off. Always check before bringing furniture or other large items to the collection center
        Urban League of Essex County is collecting food donations & needs volunteers to distribute food 973-624-9535 508 Central Ave
        Collection at Fire Hose Company 1, 63 Mount Vernon Street, Ridgefield ParkNov 2-4 Friday & Saturday 10-4 Sunday 10-2. If you need something in particular, please contact Sarah Mielnicki by email or by private message on Facebook and she will look out for it.
        La Casa de Don Pedro in Newark
        Maple Avenue School is a drop-off and distribution center. Email read more