10 year old girl sings a sweet, pure and strong “Hallelujah” that might make you cry

Killard House School choir
Source: Killard House School via YouTube
Ireland has music deep in its soul. Phenomenal 10 year old Kayleigh Rogers leads her special classmates of The Killard House School in singing such a sweet, pure and strong Christmas rendition of Hallelujah that it brought me right to tears. It will do the same for you, if you’re lucky. God bless.

The BBC comments about Kayleigh’s stellar performance:

Kayleigh is one of 200 students aged three to 16 at Killard House School in Donaghadee, Northern Ireland … (she) often sings at the local Christmas concert at First Presbyterian Church, Newtownards, but this year she lost her voice and had to pull out of last Sunday’s service. Instead her headteacher played the video above, which had been filmed just weeks before at the school, and it left many of the congregation in tears. read more

Gay rights advance in Ireland and are defended by a Vermont mom

In honor of Ireland’s historic vote to allow same-sex marriage throughout the country, Truthout’s Senior Editor William Rivers Pitt shared this fabulous Letter to the Editor from a Vermont mother addressing the community of neighbors that began tormenting her son from age 6, mercilessly bullying him and calling him a “fag” because he didn’t walk and have the same interests as other students. In 2000 Sharon Underwood wrote: read more

My favorite rendition of the “Cup Song” is the Irish school version

Coláiste Lurgan students
Coláiste Lurgan student singsColáiste Lurgan in Conamara, Ireland put together this amazing community performance of the Cup Song (Amhrán na gCupán in Gaeilge). 600 students and staff tap out the syncopated rhythm and harmonize the chorus to a beautiful young colleague’s lovely Gaelic lyrics, and they’re joined by guitarists and drummers too. 2.5 minutes of pure pleasure. Treat yourself!

The original is pretty good too. Anna Kendrick performing in Pitch Perfect
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