Three big lies the UN spread in 2017 that stoked hatred of Israel and Jews

Source: UN Watch
Here are three examples of lies the United Nations spread about Israel in 2017. The ostensible goal was to provoke hatred of Israel and Jews. But United Nations Watch is on hand, monitoring statements and correcting records in order, “to repel the darkness and light the candle of truth.”

Executive Director Hillel C. Neuer writes about the three lies:

  • When UNRWA launched a global campaign showing 11-year-old girl “Aya from Gaza” in a bombed-out building—portraying Israel as a cruel oppressor of Palestinian children—UN Watch exposed a fraud: the photo was actually from Syria! The story went viral online. UNRWA suffered massive embarrassment, and was forced to remove the photo worldwide.
  • When the U.N. held its ‘Hate Israel Day,’ we brought the Son of Hamas to deliver an epic speech exposing Palestinian crimes. He stunned the assembly into silence, and literally caused heads to turn. The video has been seen more than 8 million times on Facebook and YouTube. Israel’s prime minister called it “an extraordinary moment of truth at the United Nations.”
  • When Arab states accused Israel of Apartheid, I took the floor at the U.N. to remind the world that “Israel’s 1.5 million Arabs enjoy full rights to vote and to be elected in the Knesset; they work as doctors and lawyers; they serve on the Supreme Court.” Then I asked the accusers: “How many Jews live in your countries? Once upon a time, the Middle East was full of Jews. Algeria had 140,000 Jews. Algeria, where are your Jews? Egypt used to have 75,000 Jews. Where are your Jews?” The speech went viral—viewed more than 5 million times—and continues to reverberate.
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    Seeking authentic religion, 600+ Colombian evangelist Christians convert to Judaism

    Elad Villegas and Shlomo Caro
    Source: The California Sunday Magazine
    A team of three reporters and photographers document the amazing journey of 600 Colombians who followed their young religious leaders from a congregation of evangelical Christianity into Orthodox Judaism, becoming a congregation of 600 in Medellín, Colombia. Guided at first only by books and the deep feeling of connectedness to God which two of the evangelists had experienced during visits to Israel that were not related to religion, the leaders learned how to practice Judaism, converted their families and community members and instructed them in kosher Jewish observance. René Cano eventually moved his family to Israel in 2015 and has become Shlomo Caro. read more

    Syrian refugees have support and assistance from the last place we expected: Israel and Jews

    Thank You Am Israel banner

    From Aboud Dandachi, the founder of

    Martin Luther King Jr. once said “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that”. For Syrian refugees, these are very dark days indeed. Driven from their country by a brutal war fueled by regional and sectarian ambitions, displaced Syrians find themselves thrown into a world where the environment has over the past year become increasingly hostile towards refugees and asylum seekers.

    But while wars and conflicts tend to bring out the very worst in human beings, dark days such as these have also given rise to amazing acts of compassion and humanity. Turned away from Arab countries, increasingly unwelcome in Europe, Syrian refugees have found support, aid and assistance from the last place they could have expected; Israeli and Jewish organizations and individuals. read more

    Anti-Jew propagandists say Israel buys oil from ISIS, but oil is from Kurds fighting them

    Obama on ISIS
    * Source: ABC news article on threat of ISIS
    Some people and news outlets will say ANYTHING to make people hate Jews. Anything and everything. smh. In fact, there’s such a huge and constant flow of effluent propaganda against Israel funded by Saudi trillions, that it’s almost impossible to decipher the truth.

    But here’s a report from Israeli news outlet Haaretz, which quotes the Financial Times, saying that contrary to many false reports, Israel is supporting the fight against ISIS by buying oil from Kurds, who are fighting that Muslim extremist group: read more

    Uganda Jews sing Shalom Mirembe with joy, a peace song

    Shalom Mirembe songThere are not only Jews in Uganda, but they dance, sing, are farmers and land stewards.

    The Abayudaya Jewish Community of Uganda and Israeli artist Irene Orleansky partnered to create “Shalom, Mirembe!” as part of a music collection from Israelites and Jews of Africa and Asia. For more information and to purchase the CD visit The participating Jewish communities receive all proceeds from CD sales.

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    Reactions begin to emerge about increase in Palestinian violence against Jews

    In Israel, Jewish families and children are being stabbed in hate crimes. Yesterday, almost-13 year old Naor Shalev ben Rut was stabbed several times and now fights to retain his hold on life. Yet instead of call for an end to Arab violence, the UN’s head has called for Israel to leave Arabs alone. The UN is famous for its discrimination against Israel but this is right over the top and seems very like incitement. Major media as usual, has been largely silent on the violence except to criticize Israel for taking steps to protect or stop the knifers but now this might be changing. read more

    Disturbing: Google is promoting hatred of Jews by skewing search results

    Anti-semitic statisticsI was searching for a graphic depicting the fundamental unfairness of bashing Israel for defending itself against Arab attacks and increasing, global anti-semitism. But Google wouldn’t let me find any of those images: it just let me find images of Israelis unfairly attacking Arabs.

    I don’t believe that the poor Arab, ugly Israel propaganda promoted by Big Media is the real truth underlying today’s Middle East conflict. But it’s quite apparent that this is what Google wants people to believe. By skewing search results to feed anti-Israel sentiment, Google is practicing fundamental unfairness and injustice. Shame on you, Google. read more

    No free pass on criticizing Israel & saying it’s not about Jews

    When people express a problem with Israel, they are not talking about the many Israeli Arab citizens of the country or the pretty large number of Chinese that now live there. They are talking about Jews. That is why criticism of Israel is criticism of Jews – because when people criticize Israel they are really criticizing Jews, then pretending that is not what they intended to do.

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