NY Daily News outs GOP-backed NRA for putting weapons in hands of terrorists

NY Daily News front page 151118
NY Daily News front page 18 Nov 2015

Republican federal officials were outed by the New York Daily News this morning for colluding with the NRA to sell guns with no questions asked and no background checks, to anyone with the financial resources to buy them. What this means, is that guns have been legally sold to thousands of people on the FBI terrorist watch list – 2000 in fact, over the past 11 years. And your Republican politician, helped to make that happen.

Good thing that Pres. Obama has made a commitment to dedicate his last year in the White House to pushing for gun control reform.

Hat tip to Han Broekman for the story find.

Toll increases were for ARC tunnel, should be rolled back

A trip to Woodbridge yesterday from Bergen County cost me a whopping $1.50 in tolls. The toll increase was to pay for the ARC tunnel, which Christie cancelled. New Jersey Senate Democrats have proposed legislation to roll back the toll increases on the New Jersey Turnpike and Garden State Parkway. What do you say people – will you join me in getting behind this?

Contact your state senators and assemblypeople. Let them know you support Bill S-2636 which calls for the toll increase to be rolled back.

If you know your district email your legislator through clicking links at votesmart.org. If you don’t know what district you’re in go through the tedious process of finding out what it is on the state website – and then write it down on your fridge so you don’t forget it.

At my Woodbridge meeting I learned that, “Gov. Chris Christie is once again raiding the state’s clean energy fund, this time diverting $210 million from the program that pays to help residents and businesses save money on their utility bills by reducing energy consumption.”

That’s going to require a separate rant. I’m done for now. Contact your politicians and let them know how they need to represent you on any matter that hits your radar and seems important to you. These guys are not mind readers and they do want to get re-elected.