On the Matter of Black Lives Panel @ ECC 2/2

Newark police brutality panel 150202A Movement or a Moment panel discussion on police brutality, racial profiling and the matter of black lives will be presented on Monday as part of the Fireside Chat Series at Essex County College.

Monday, February 2 2015 6-8pm
ECC Fireside Chat Series Panel:
A Movement or a Moment,
on the Matter of Black Lives

Siegler Hall, Essex County College
303 University Avenue, Newark, NJ
Cost: free

This free program is being offered in response to the high-profile deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown, and the subsequent court rulings and responses. It will center on whether the matter of black lives is an event of the moment, or an ongoing and growing movement. read more

Please Support Newark Grassroots Humanity Group Services!

Thanks for your interest in supporting the Newark Grassroots Humanity Group, an entirely community funded and staffed collaboration of individuals and non-profit organizations which provides humanitarian aid to Newark’s “neighbors with no address” (aka homeless people). The group’s principal mission is to provide a warm location, food and social service connections to

picture of grassroots warming station

How to Donate

Tax deductible financial donations for the Warming Station are being accepted by Partners in Acts (PACTS). You can make a donation: read more

Thanksgiving 2014 in Newark – interact and giving FAQ

Here’s more information on giving to and interacting with Newark’s homeless and hungry for Make Thanksgiving 2014 for the Hungry & Homeless! Pictures on this page are from 2012 Break Bread With You Thanksgiving Celebration. Photographer: Kimi Wei

Some of the kids


Reach out to Luís 201-357-7341, Ivan 201-688-0036 or Kimi 862-203-8814 for donation instructions, to schedule a donation drop-off, or to learn about roasting a turkey at your home.

Drop-off Locations

We have drop-off locations in Essex, Passaic and Bergen Counties for food, clothing, shoes and other items at: read more

Make Thanksgiving 2014 for the Hungry & Homeless!

How about you? This year, will you help make Thanksgiving wonderful for the many who don’t have the wherewithal to do it themselves? We are talking about those without a home … or lacking family to share the holiday cheer.

There are plenty of opportunities to roast turkeys and bake pies in the days leading up to the holiday and to share food and love on Thanksgiving Day with community members in need of TLC and cheerful company. We are also collecting money, gift cards and clothing! If you have an event to share or questions about how and what to donate, reach out to me on Facebook or Twitter. read more

Make battle for Newark Public Schools visible with #saveNPS hashtag!


#saveNPSThese days, every important cause needs a hashtag to be visible in the world of social media, and with the Christie administration announcing its intention to close 15 more schools in Newark as the next step in its attack on public education in urban communities, cause visibility is greatly needed.

A hashtag is the # symbol when it’s used in tweets or Facebook posts. Short hashtags are great because Twitter gives you only 140 characters to express whatever you want to say. #saveNPS is not actively being used for any other campaign, so how grabbing it for the Save Newark Public Schools Campaign? read more

Join Newark students in mass rally & boycott for local control on Mon. Nov 4

Newark Student Union/No ChristiebuttonsThe Newark Students Union (NSU) organized a massive 1,000 student walkout last April and on Monday Nov 4, they will stage another mass boycott demanding that quality education be returned to Newark. The students want Gov. Christie to fund schools at court ordered levels and to repair school buildings, which are currently unsafe – two legal obligations which Christie has refused to honor. Spread the word about the rally and be there if you can. The social media hashtag is #npsboycott.

Boycott & Rally to Protest Gov. Christie’s Control of Newark Public Schools
November 4 2013 @ 9am
30 Clinton Street in Newark NJ
read more

Booker now, or run a real Dem next year?

Bob Braun says,

(Disliking Lonegan) is not a great reason to vote for Booker. If Lonegan wins, he takes the seat now occupied by Christie’s Republican choice, Chiesa, and it doesn’t affect the balance in the senate. But next year, a real Democrat can be nominated who has not alienated much of the party. Booker is losing ground because the absentee mayor of an imploding city who is against public education and for private school vouchers doesn’t make for a real good Democratic candidate–and he probably wouldn’t have been nominated if Christie hadn’t interfered with the election cycle. read more

Sharpe James corrects NY Times reporter on Newark history

Branch Brook Park & cathedral
Branch Brook Park

Today I came across this letter from former Newark mayor Sharpe James to the author of a front page December 2012 New York Times article about Cory Booker: Promise vs. Reality in Newark on Mayor’s Watch. Written by Pulitzer Prize winning reporter author Kate Zernike, the article presents an unflattering view of Booker, but it also refers offhandedly to Mr. James as corrupt. In this statement, Mr. James rebuts that characterization and shares some history about Newark and its governmental accomplishments. read more

Resources for Newark residents

Newark County Committeeperson Douglas Freeman called in to say, Newark’s South Ward Residents need food, baby food, diapers; warming and charging stations. Residents basically just want something that says, “We care. we’re not just leaving you here and you’re fending for yourselves with no one caring what’s happening to you. I was in the dark along with everyone and we had electrical wires hooked up between houses and all of that – if we could do that, I know the city can do something … Just show people that you care, that’s all.” read more

What is Cory Booker’s vision for Newark?

Honestly, I don’t know enough about Newark politics to make a judgment call about how well Cory Booker governs. I do have growing questions about how some important city matters are being handled, though. As the Green Drinks Newark founding host, people bring issues and questions to my attention and I feel a moral obligation to look into them. This 21 May article by Josh Benson purports to addresses some of the underlying political reasons things happen the way they do in Newark. Josh quotes State Senator Ronald Rice as saying, “… if people don’t understand it now by … Cory traveling throughout the country, the people he meets with, people he supports and all the stuff happening in Newark with hedge funds and investors, if they don’t understand he’s completely beholden to them, there’s something wrong with them.” read more

Newark Museum free Apr 22-26

The Newark Museum is celebrating its centennial April 22-26 2009 with programs, performances and dance. All free, for 100 hours Wednesday through Sunday.

If you haven’t been to this gem of an educational and art venue, now’s a good time to go. On site parking for a modest fee, beautiful building.

For more information, call 973-596-6550 or visit