Segregation in a school may not be a result of the ethnic composition of its attendance zone #p2

Interactive NYC schools map
Source: Map created by Center for NYC Affairs Center
The New School’s Center for New York City Affairs new report Are Schools Segregated Because Housing Is? It Ain’t Necessarily So, calls into question the assumption that highly segregated school populations reflect the resident population of their attendance zone. The results of the research which includes interactive maps shows:

… there are dozens of high-poverty elementary schools that serve mostly black and Latino children that are located in far more racially and economically mixed neighborhoods.

… the city’s schools are even more economically and racially segregated than the neighborhoods – and for economically disadvantaged students, that usually translates to inferior education.

… analysis suggests that many parents, dissatisfied with their neighborhood schools, vote with their feet and send their children to public gifted programs, schools of choice, charter schools or private schools. It follows that some racial and economic integration can be achieved without changing zone lines or assigning kids to schools outside their neighborhoods—measures which are often politically fraught.

And researchers propose increased classroom equality as the best in practice solution:

The key (to) improve these schools (is) to motivate more middle class parents who live in economically mixed neighborhoods (or white and Asian parents living in racially mixed neighborhoods) to send their children to the neighborhood schools. Research shows that attracting higher-income students to such schools typically improves classroom education for all the students.

Booker attempts to whitewash friend Cami’s black NPS record

Booker and CamiFormer Newark mayor Cory Booker, a close friend and former employer of Cami Anderson, did not resist the temptation to try to inject positive spin into Cami’s recent removal from Newark Public Schools. Anderson is the New Jersey appointed Newark Public Schools superintendent who just left Newark in the wake of widespread protests for all the damage she’s caused to the students and schools she was hired to serve and protect.

Asked about the politics surrounding Anderson vacating of the position, Booker said “I’m happy with her contributions, things we should all be appreciative of.”

Really – what are those contributions we should all appreciate, Sen. Booker? I’ve only heard bad things about this woman. Such as:

  • In May, thousands of Newark Public Schools students walked out of school and together with supporters, shut down Newark’s downtown streets for several hours in protest of all the damage Cami has done
  • Newark’s current Mayor Ras Baraka called for her removal on the same grounds
  • Cami and Chris Cerf spent millions of dollars on consultancies owned by their friends whose assessments of NPS produced no important outcomes
  • National attention for barring the 5 young children of the Tillman family from attending their neighborhood school and a local television story won the family a reprieve from an impossible situation. At the beginning of the 2014 school year, Cami assigned the children to 5 separate schools located in different corners of the city, each one far from home and refused to consider reassignment to make it easier for their parents to escort them to school. After the news report, Cami relented and put them together in a single school closer to home.

The Washington Post handily sums up the overall impact that New Jersey state control has had on NPS:

Christie has the right to decide who runs the Newark school system because it is under state control and has been since 1995. It hasn’t been improved since.