Enchanting: deaf youth and a singing club sign and sing John Lennon’s Imagine

Imagine by Glee
Source: Facebook via Raquel Heredia Vincente and Madres Latinos de Vigo
All we who are truly blessed – with good hearing, sight and use of our limbs – can surely be inspired by this Glee video. Deaf youth and a singing club which includes a young man in a wheelchair, sign and sing John Lennon’s Imagine. Heartwarming and completely enchanting.

The best rendition I found of this awesome music video is on Facebook but the official trailer is worth seeing too:

And here are Spanish subtitles – traducción al español:

Gracias a mi bella amiga Luisi Motta de Madres Latinos de Vigo por haber compartido este tesoro. Como regalo Navideño era perfecto.

Hah – every school year should start like this!

teacher flash mob singersFaithtap asks the right question! “What better way to kick off a new year than with the spread of joy and enthusiasm?” Flash mob of singing teachers does exactly that. And they sound good, too!

The Desmoines, Iowa flash district teachers performed ‘One More Day’ from the hit Broadway musical Les Miserables. Not all are music teachers.

Secret’s out: Twitterverse sports fans hate Latinos

Marc Anthony sings God Bless America during the seventh inning stretch at Major League Baseball's All-Star Game in New York City

Marc Anthony sings God Bless America during the seventh inning stretch at Major League Baseball's All-Star Game in New York CityLatino superstar and Puerto Rican native, Marc Anthony, sings God Bless America @ New York All-Star game & racists go nuts on Twitter. Bonker animals. Public Shaming quips:

Look at this 100% American grammy award winning recording artist sing ‘God Bless AMERICA’ at the Queens All-Star baseball game. Absolutely disgusting. And the All-Star game was at Citi Field in NYC borough of Queens too! We can’t let this happen in Queens, the most ethnically diverse urban area in the world!

This comes on the heels of another explosive racist attack on an American singer of Latino background – who just happened to be an 11 year old child: Sebastian de la Cruz, a San Antonio, TX, US, native of Mexican descent. Sebastian rocked the Star Spangled Banner when the scheduled singer couldn’t make it to game three of the NBA Finals, wowing the crowd with his angelic voice.

One of the proudest moments in this young American’s life was marred by a Twitterverse response worthy of a gaggle of Ku Klux Klanners. But, David Knowles of the New York Daily News points out, the amazing young man did not allow bigots to steal away his pride, self-confidence or even his sense of compassion:

The sight of de la Cruz, who wore a silver and black mariachi outfit while singing the anthem, sparked a vicious backlash on social networking sites like Twitter.

“Can’t believe they had the nerve to have a beaner singing the national anthem of America #smh,” wrote Twitter user who goes by the handle The Great White.

“There’s a little Mexican kid singing the national anthem … What has the world come to?” tweeted Dustin White.

De la Cruz, who was raised in San Antonio, was filling in for country singer Darius Rucker, who canceled at the last minute. When he got word of the social media backlash against him, however, the 5th-grader showed even more remarkable poise.

The fifth-grader demonstrated maturity beyond his years when he dismissed the hatred. ‘With the racist remarks, it was just people — how they were raised.’ My father and my mama told me you should never judge people by how they look,” Sebastien told KENS-5