Spectacular use of tech: drone film of LA visual treasures

Ian Wood on VimeoFilmmaker and drone flyer Ian Wood has put together a beautiful video of visual treasures in downtown LA, well worthy of the 5 minute viewing time with a rocking blues soundtrack that makes it a fun watch.

People, this is a good use of drone technology – spreading wonder, enjoyment … celebrating culture and sense of place – and showing that aerial photography is within reach of the average Joe. Wood’s video comes with a companion map of locations he filmed. read more

Bernie Sanders’ use of tech is way ahead of the pack

Bernie Sanders' 404 error
Friend Tom Elliot says:

You should check out Bernie’s 404 page error message on his website. Just go there and tag onto the address a page you know couldn’t be there. I did berniesanders.com/hillary (clicking on that link will bring you to a web page with the 404 page not found error message). I’m beginning to see him as a real sleeper, probably the only true populist in the race.

Gotta love these frank-speaking tekkies

How’s this for plain speaking? We don’t want your opinion, dude. Answer the poster’s question or STFU:

Please refrain from discussing your opinions on design and “why” the poster is asking the question, unless it pertains directly to the answer (or expands on it). In this case, it serves no purpose. We like to see direct answers, not monologues on what they should (or shouldn’t) be asking the question. This place is about getting answers. I hope you can appreciate how frustrating it can be to ask a question and have dozens of people respond with their opinions rather than simply supply the answer (as is found on many online forums). Thanks again for participating, but please, keep it on point. – cksum Jan 31 at 22:53 read more