One guy found a way to get PPE masks – and he’s selling them

Camels on Su Pro splash page

David Su PPE gets PPE from around the world (even the elusive KN95). And then sells them. Prices are reasonable.

Gov. Murphy signs Executive Order allowing NJ tenants to pay back rent with security deposits

Governor Murphy

Gov. Murphy signs Executive Order allowing NJ tenants to pay back rent with security deposits

Fondos de alivio disponibles para residentes del norte de New Jersey a través del United Way

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Fondos de alivio disponibles para residentes del norte de New Jersey a través del United Way | United Way Recovery Fund open to low-income residents in northern New Jersey

Fondos de alivio: cuando llegarán y cómo compartir sus datos bancarios con el IRS

Treasury check

When stimulus check should arrive – and how to share bank account information with the IRS

Si todavía no ha recibido su pago del gobierno federal por alivio del impacto económico, visite esta página del IRS para aprender cuando llegará. En esta página también puede compartir los datos de su cuenta bancaria para el pago ser remitido electronicamente, el método más rapido. Haga click en “Get My Payment” para iniciar el proceso.

Forbes comparte el horario programado para el envío de cheques en papel a las personas que no han compartido su información bancaria con el IRS. read more

Obtenga 3 reportes de crédito semanales gratis por un año

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Obtenga 3 reportes de crédito semanales gratis por un año | Get 3 free credit reports every week for one year

Asistencia personal, descuentos, servicios de comprar y otros recursos útiles

ayuda - help

Asistencia personal, descuentos y otros recursos útiles | Low cost and free assistance, discounts and other resources to make life easier

Recursos para la epoca del coronavirus | Coronavirus outbreak resources

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Recursos para la enfermedad coronavirus | Coronavirus outbreak resources

Mortgage relief for Fannie & Freddie mortgage homeowners

Mortgage relief for Fannie & Freddie mortgage homeowners

Both the State of New Jersey and the City of Newark are offering relief for tenants

Both the State of New Jersey and the City of Newark are offering relief for tenants

PSE&G want to help furloughed workers and others in financial distress

PSE&G has help for furloughed workers and others in financial distress. Reach out if you're in their service area #p

Join John Legend in the conversation to FreeAmerica

John Legend invites you to join Free America
John Legend invites you to join FreeAmerica

Join the conversation with John Legend on his listening tour of American prisons for the FreeAmerica project.

“FreeAmerica is a multi-year culture campaign initiated by John Legend to change the national conversation about our country’s misguided policies and transform America’s criminal justice system.”

Its ambitious goal is to end mass incarceration in the United States of America. Get involved.

Youth incarceration

Foro educativo en español Oct 28 en Rutgers Newark: logrando el grado universitario

Rutgers college forum en español

En el 28 de octubre 2017 de 3:00-9:00pm, Rutgers y El Grupo Latinoamericano de Cónsules en New Jersey (GLACO) auspiciarán su tercer foro educativo en español para informar estudiantes y sus familias sobre las vías asequibles para obtener el grado universitario en New Jersey. Asistentes aprenderán de panelistas expertos y recibirán consultas legales confidenciales acerca del estado migratorio de individuales estudiantes y sobre las nuevas políticas DACA. Consejeros de admisión y de asistencia financiera de varias universidades estatales estarán disponibles para contestar preguntas y ayudar con navegar el proceso de admisión.

Los consulados de Perú, Ecuador, Colombia, Salvador y México tendrán mesas de servicio en el evento.

El propósito de este foro es asistir a los estudiantes con matricularse en universidades como Rutgers y disfrutar experiencias universitarias exitosas.

28 octubre 2017 3-9pm | Oct 28 2017 3-9pm
Rutgers University Newark
15 Washington Street
Newark, NJ 07102
Cerca de la estación
de tren Lacahuana en Broad St. junto a la parada de autobuses

Luz Carreño de Colombia Nos Une
Ingrid Renderos de Rutgers University Newark

On October 28 2017, Rutgers and Grupo Latino Americano de Consules en New Jersey (GLACO) will hold their third Spanish-language forum aimed to provide information to parents and prospective students about the pathways toward higher education in New Jersey. Participants will have the chance to attend information panels, receive one-on-one education-related legal advice about a student’s immigration status and DACA policies; to speak directly with admissions counselors and learn about financial aid.

The consulates of Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Salvador and Mexico will have service tables at the event.

This event is designed to help bridge the educational gap and help students navigate the admissions process to matriculate into universities like Rutgers and enjoy a successful college experience.

Safe channels for giving to Hurricane Harvey victims and other help resources

Worker rescues Asian vic of Hurricane Harvey
Texas National Guardsman rescues Hurricane Harvey victim Source: US DOD

Here are organizations that reliable sources have vouched for as safe for receiving donations for Hurricane Harvey victim relief. Providers of other types of help are listed too. I’ll continue adding to this list as I find more outlets.

Safe Organizations for Financial Donations

Providers of other kinds of help

  • To find family & friends or to register yourself as safe, visit the American Red Cross Safe & Well site
  • To report a missing child, contact the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children 1-866-908-9570
  • Get help for emotional distress from the storm at Disaster Distress Helpline 1-800-985-5990. Or text TalkWithUs to 66746
  • read more

    Two Ruiz-Madden bills that provide help and identity to the homeless are now law in New Jersey

    homeless not hopeless

    09 January 2017

    TRENTON – Two pieces of legislation sponsored by Senator M. Teresa Ruiz and Senator Fred H. Madden focusing on helping the homeless in New Jersey received was signed into law today.

    “It must be a top priority of government to protect the health, safety and welfare of our residents,” said Senator Ruiz (D-Essex). “Providing basic government documents to those without a permanent residence free of charge is the right thing to do, since these documents are vital to accessing any number of services and to obtaining housing and employment.”

    “This is a small way we can help those who have fallen on hard times and it’s the right thing to do,” said Senator Madden (D-Gloucester/Camden). “Those who are homeless may not have the ability to pay for an identification card or a copy of a birth certificate, which could potentially prevent them from getting the critical services they need.”

    The first bill signed into law, S-2350, allows a homeless person to obtain, duplicate, or renew a non-driver identification card without paying fees to the Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC). In order for the fee to be waived, the law requires a homeless person to submit proof of temporary residence through a social worker or the coordinator of an emergency shelter for the homeless where the person is temporarily residing.

    Currently, residents who are 14 years of age and older may apply to the MVC for a non-driver identification card, for a fee of $24. The card is issued solely for the purpose of providing identification and is not a license to drive.

    The second law, S-2351 will permit homeless people to obtain free certified copies of their birth certificates by submitting a request for the certificate to the State Registrar of Vital Statistics through a social worker or through the coordinator of the emergency shelter for the homeless where the person is temporarily residing.

    The law would also amend current law to waive any fee associated with attaining a certified copy of a birth certificate.

    Both pieces of legislation cleared the Senate and the Assembly unanimously.

    S-2350 takes effect in August and S-2351 takes effect immediately.

    DC lawyer gives up career to live in a Louisiana tent & help her people

    Colette Pichon Battle
    Source: Lady

    Colette Pichon Battle returned to Louisiana to help the community members who had bought fish dinners cooked by her family members in order to pay the fees that helped her become an attorney … and stayed. Pichon Battle gave up her DC career to establish the non-profit Gulf Coast Center for Law and Policy, that helps with a variety of life and legal issues that confront people rebuilding their lives in the wake of Katrina and the burden of generations of endemic poverty and environmental justice challenges.

    CounterPunch tells the story of Ms. Pichon Battle‘s background and education, which informed her career choices. NeighborWorks America and StoryCorps’ video about Colette’s service includes images by Lady.

    I come from a strong line of south Louisiana women who love the land and the water and the birds and the sky and the trees. We understand our entire existence requires a balance on this earth. I’d like to make sure that legacy is there when I’m gone.

    ~ Colette Pichon Battle

    Hat tip to Jacqui Patterson for sharing the CounterPunch story.