My affirmation for the year 2016 (and many more years to come)

Ace of Cups from Haindl Tarot
Ace of Cups from Haindl Tarot
I’m sure I’ll be able to put my 2016 personal resolution to use for many more years to come. It’s a good one!

I wish to live in gratitude, with happiness – and put the gifts God has given me to the greatest possible good use

~ Kimi Wei

Look inside

cat on a starry nightWe need to learn to look inside ourselves for approval and create balance and strength in that sacred space ~ a Kimiism


There must be another yardstick by which we measure success in life. Money and power are not doing the job.

The Great Healers

Focus on the moment you are in and the enjoyment of life you can experience in that moment. Watch while a string of enjoying moments transform hours, days, weeks, months into a pillow magically whisking you away from loss, pain and frustration. Enjoyment, small happinesses, gratitude for life and time … are all great healers.

~ A Kimiism