Kingdom, a Hip-Hop Musical


A ReVision Theatre Production

A new Hip Hop Rock Musical
April 16 thru May 3, VFW Theatre, Asbury Park
Music by Ian Williams / Book & Lyrics by Aaron Jafferis / Directed by Carlos Armesto !

Order tickets online at or call 732-455-3059

For special price of only $15, use code KIMI when ordering

I’ll be at the show on May 2nd. Let me know if you’re coming that night.

Inspired by the true stories of current and former Latin Kings, KINGDOM follows the journey of two kids from “the barrio” who want to belong – and the power struggle that tears the two friends apart. Andres and Juan are tired of being stepped on, abandoned, and poor. Juan is homeless, they’re both jobless, and no one will help them – so they decide to help themselves.

They meet up with leaders of an underground organization that says it supports young Latinos: the Almighty Latin King & Queen Nation. Andres and Juan join the Nation, and their lives immediately change forever. What they learn is that gangs don’t help young people build lives – they destroy them.

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