Betraying progressive politics to court corporate dollars is what has made Clintons the Dem Party favorites

people before profits
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Fred Toledo shared this article on Facebook. He commented, “This is the sad, sorry and corrupt state of a party that once stood as the champion of the working class, the poor, the disenfranchised and the marginalized,” and shared excerpts from Bill Moyer and Michael Winship’s article on Wasserman Schultz:

Yet when the CFPB was drawing up new rules to make it harder for payday predators to feast on the poor, Rep. Wasserman Schultz co-sponsored a bill to delay those new rules by two years. How, you ask, could the head of the party’s national committee embrace such an appalling exploitation of working people?

Just follow the money. Last year, the payday loan industry spent $3.5 million lobbying; and as we wrote two weeks ago, in Wasserman Schultz’s home state, since 2009, payday lenders have bought protection from Democrats and Republicans alike by contributing $2.5 million or so to candidates from both parties, including her. That’s how “Representative” Wasserman Schultz, among others, wound up representing the predators instead of the poor.

…The lust for loot, which now defines the Democratic establishment, became pronounced in the Bill Clinton years, when the Clinton-friendly Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) abandoned its liberal roots and embraced “market-based solutions” that led to deregulation, tax breaks, and subsidies for the 1 percent. Seeking to fill coffers emptied by the loss of support from a declining labor movement, Democrats rushed into the arms of big business and crony capitalists.”

Moyers has peeled back yet another layer of obfuscation from the onion of Democratic Party corruption: all along it’s been all about the money, honey. Now, we see that when income streams began to run dry, the party was quite willing to throw both laborers and progressive politics out the window in order to run after corporate dollars. It is precisely the success of the Clinton’s courtship with Big Money that has made them so very popular among the Dems. They betrayed us right from the start – and they’re still at it. What’s astonishing is how many of us were fooled into believing that what they did would benefit average voters in any way.

If change is going to come, it certainly isn’t going to emerge from the Clintons’ corner. So, it’s time for The People to make it happen. Let’s get cracking.

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