Bill Moyers shows why we need Medicare for all

Bill Moyers tells the story of how both Harry Truman and John Kennedy tried to bring Medicare into being, but it wasn’t until Lyndon B. Johnson inherited the presidency after Kennedy’s death, that it acquired an advocate who worked tirelessly to make sure that the elderly and indigent had access to healthcare services. LBJ told Bill,

My inclination would be […] that it ought to be retroactive as far back as you can get it […] because none of them ever get enough. That they are entitled to it. That that’s an obligation of ours. It’s just like your mother writing you and saying she wants $20, and I’d always sent mine a $100 when she did. I never did it because I thought it was going to be good for the economy of Austin. I always did it because I thought she was entitled to it. And I think that’s a much better reason and a much better cause and I think it can be defended on a hell of a lot better basis […] We do know that it affects the economy […] But that’s not the basis to go to the Hill, or the justification. We’ve just got to say that by God you can’t treat grandma this way. She’s entitled to it and we promised it to her.

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