Check the laws: pepper spray may be the only legal spray

pepper spray cops
For just a minute, forget that pepper-spraying cops in this photo are wearing skirts – because this photo depicts a story within a story, and let’s just talk about the protective benefits of pepper spray.

I’ve never thought of keeping attacker-proof spray around, but if I want some, it seems like pepper spray would be a better choice than mace or other sprays. Facebook friends like wasp spray, but the drawback is that according to Snopes, it’s illegal in many jurisdictions:

Anna C. Ward says: If you are thinking about mace in the house for protection, you might consider wasp spray. It is non lethal, accurate up to 20 to 30 feet and is legal tho it will give a potential robber a very bad day.

And Alyce Stewart adds: @Anna C. Ward –additional info: it can’t be ‘washed out’. The person will have to seek medical assistance . I have my can next to my bed. After being followed twice after leaving the train, I called to notify the PD. The officer that responded and I had a long convo re:wasp spray being more effective. With mace, you have to be up close and personal and know when to ‘hold’ your own breath otherwise you’ll go under too. It’s also suggested to carry a can in your car. Prayer first is always an option. IJS

In those jurisdictions, all sprays besides pepper sprays are illegal. Pepper spray also has a range of 25 feet or so. Seems like it would be a good idea to check out your local laws before buying a personal defense product.

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  1. Ok…
    Pepper spray is good, but why are the cops cross-dressing? I mean, just whats going on in this picture???

  2. Pepper spray is absolutely the way to go for personal or home defense if you wish to use a non-lethal option. Pepper spray is proven effective as it is used by nearly every police force around the globe. It will even close the eyes of an attacker that is under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol because superior to wasp spray, pepper spray contains an inflammatory agent which causes the eyes to slam shut. That gives you the opportunity to escape. Wasp spray for personal or home safety is a myth. It’s designed to be used on insects, not humans. My team actually contacted numerous wasp spray manufacturers and not one recommended wasp spray for personal safety. Pepper spray is the best option!

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