Christie vetoes equal pay for women, says women are not equal

Christie against women
Source: Ultraviolet
Christie explains the reason he vetoed on May 9 a bill that would protect New Jersey women against pay discrimination. His reason, according to

Biblically speaking, women aren’t and will never be equal to men. And that includes their salaries.

That sums his position up pretty neatly, I think. But I should warn readers that Politicops is known for posting plenty of satire and even occasionally errr, untruths.

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  1. Although it’s easy for me to believe Christie would say something like this, because of your question I checked out Politicops and found that they publish a lot of satire – so no, Sarah, I’m not sure now. I just submitted Christie’s purported statement to Snopes. Let’s see if their team can find out if he did say this, or not. Thanks for raising the question.

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