Dems aren’t perfect. Republicans are a little worse.

Today, the highest court in our nation stooped to a new low, thanks to Republican ideology loyal Supreme Court justices who voted to strike down a part of the Voting Rights Act designed to protect the voting rights of this country’s most vulnerable citizens. Adam Liptak of the New York Times writes,

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg summarized her dissent from the bench, an unusual move and a sign of deep disagreement. She cited the words of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and said his legacy and the nation’s commitment to justice had been “disserved by today’s decision.”

My own problem with Republicans is that they seem to always vote together in a block even when justice-minded individual members recognize that their party is wrong. But my friend Nathaniel Davis has a lot more to say on this issue, and he says it well:

So my Brothers and Sisters the Republican led Supreme Court has now told you that we will take your voting rights away. So now the party that is in an uproar regarding IRS scrutiny has now implemented voting ID’s on the state level which will affect minority voters, has implemented changes in voting whereby time has become limited to vote, the Republican Court has provided Corporations and the wealthy the means to provide unlimited monies to political campaigns to further the Corporate agenda, the Ku Klux Klan SCOTUSHouse Republicans continue to thwart any economic growth by stymying President Obama’s agenda, the Republicans refuse to raise the federal minimum wage, Republicans continue to fight any immigration reform, and have gerrymandered congressional districts so that no real change can take place in government, and they continue to try and deny health care to the needy.

However, they will make sure that someone like George Zimmerman can have a gun so he can deal with you people in the best way they know how. This my friends is your Republican Party at its finest. Remember this is the same Republican Party that brought you the Iraq and Afghanistan war based on lies which cost us a trillion dollars but refused to put any money in education or healthcare. This is the same Republican Party that is so concerned about the “job creators” although the job creators aren’t creating any jobs.

This is the same Republican Party that want s to deny you your rights to an abortion and gay marriage but always says that the government should stay out of my personal rights. This is the same Republican Party that has spent more time and money trying to impeach Obama and his cabinet members for made up scandals but refused to prosecute or address fraud on Wall Street. Every day I keep hearing these stories of Republican nonsense and I ask myself is this real or is this fiction. Is it me or does anyone else see the hypocrisy, falsehoods, and flagrant fascism which the National Republican party engages in.

Now I know the Democrats are not perfect but the Republicans are just a little worse.

The full text of the Supreme Court’s decision is on Huffington Post

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