Join the fight against new Newark Public School Closures

$50K Cami

  1. Attend community organizing meetings. Next one’s a discussion open to the public on proposed school closures and charter incursions. Please come and bring friends:
    South Side Malcolm X Shabazz HS Alumni Association
    Thurs 19 Dec 2013 @ 7pm
    80 Johnson Avenue, Newark NJ
    In the School Library
  2. Sign petition for Supt. Cami Anderson to give back to the schools the $50K bonus she got from Christie for taking over $50 million away from Newark students.
  3. Support Ras Baraka for Newark Mayor in 2014
  4. Arm yourself with information! Here’s important background information from the Malcolm X Shabazz HS Alumni Association correspondence:

Sent: Wednesday, December 18, 2013 12:11 PM
Subject: Urgent: Call out for concerned education leaders and organization representatives

Dear Elected Officials and organization leaders,

Your input is critical to the next steps to be taken in the announced plans by Supt. Cami Anderson to close schools in most areas of our City. We must make strategic plans now to address the privatization of our Newark public schools. And, you certainly have a critical role in making those plans.
Besides closing and colocating schools, all 6 to 8pm programs are closing, including recreation and the evening high school. And beyond belief, services to special needs students will also be “absorbed”. Community input and transparency (are being completely) voided.
Please come prepared to address fellow Newark alumnae, parents, students and all concerned about Newark’s schools on Thursday, December 19 when the South Side Malcolm X Shabazz HS Alumni Association convenes its meeting at 7pm in the school library at 80 Johnson Avenue, Newark, NJ.
We do want all who have pertinent literature to have the opportunity to distribute same. Please bring copies with you.

And invite others to come who have in mind making a difference in our community which is under siege.
Henry McCloud, President, SS/MXHS Alumni Association 908.756.0916
Kathleen Witcher, Corresponding Sec’y

Sent: Sunday, December 15, 2013 1:06 PM
Subject: Bulldog Family please read!!! Is any of this true???

“After Shabazz becomes Shaq’s sports academy, you can be sure to see political ads with the two big men together—just as we saw before the gubernatorial election.”

Happy Holidays, Newark teachers and parents–your school is closing.


On Dec 15, 2013, at 2:57 PM, kathleen witcher wrote:

Dear Fellow Alum,
A very important meeting is being called to (join) alumni leaders of Newark’s high schools (in) discussion about next steps based on recent plans to close a number of Newark public schools. Dr. Nate Potts will bring information for discussion.

Plans are now in the making by Supt. Cami Anderson that will effectively shut the doors of neighborhood schools (for) children living in the South Ward, in particular. But many schools are affected. There is also a listing of the worst schools (buildings) in New Jersey most of which are schools in Newark and are located in the North and East Wards. There are no plans to renovate or replace those buidings.

Our attention is necessary to address the coming situations.

ALSO, please plan to bring your Winter Auction money (to the South Side/Malcolm X Shabazz HS Alumni Association meeting) if you hold tickets. Winter Auction (has been) rescheduled to January, 2014. Tickets are still available and donations of gift items are still being accepted for auction. Any items, clothing, shoes/boots, jewelry, housewares, bedding, CDs, DVDs, electronics,games, perfume and any item you might regift will be graciously accepted. Bring it to Sr. Class Advisor Tracey White OR bring it to the alumni meeting! Tracey Hedgepath White is raising for funds for the Senior Class and the Alumni Association is pleased to host this auction. All are invited. Details TBA.

Henry McCloud, President, SS/MXHS Alumni Association 908.756.0916
Kathleen Witcher, Corresponding Sec’y

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