Live fusion of music, dance and painting all performed at once

Our friend Steve Cohn is an avant garde jazz artist who does really brilliant, leading edge work, sometimes right here in the New York City region. In 2007 he was in Amsterdam for a fusion performance called Mo(ve)ment Meets Musicians. My son and I just watched a video clip of the performance and love what we saw.

While Steve played Piano and Shakuhachi and Ernst Resijseger played Cello (sometimes holding it like a guitar), Benno Hübner danced. And on the wall behind them a super-large screen projects the work of two painters who are live on the scene painting while the performance takes place (Tali Farchi and Royce Deans).

You have to see it for yourself. Words are inadequate. It’s a tasty visual delight. I only wish Steve had told me about it sooner, but creative types’ sense of time doesn’t always work linearly.

My son Jorge commented, “The lady is painting according to how the music goes. That’s deep.” And he’s totally right.

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  1. Thanks a lot for those warm and kind words..
    we loved to play/paint/create with Steve and all the other great musicians.
    Since then we had a tour in the US with steve, and just recently we came back from a Canadian tour that we played with great musicians as well.(a documentary film was made about all those tours this summer)
    Live painting with live music become my “THING” and i’m truly in love with my work. every show again make me feel alive!!
    Thanks again.

    Tali Farchi (and Royce Deans)

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