Real companies don’t call to offer tech support: end robocalls

tired of robo callsConsumer’s Union wants us to know about a robocall scam that has victimized way too many people:

Benita from Washington, DC, wrote in with this warning about a phone scam where the caller pretends to be offering tech support:

“Have you received a call telling you that they notice that you are having problems with your computer, and you should go to “run” and enter a code — which would allow them to take over your computer and repair your problem? This is a major SCAM and your computer will be corrupted. Hang up — do not continue call.”

Benita is not the only person getting these calls. This scam is so widespread that Microsoft has a warning about it on its website, and there’s even a Wikipedia entry about it.

Consumer’s Union offer tips to protect yourself from robocall scams, but individual protections aren’t enough and the current resources available to the FTC don’t do the job either.

Despite the Do Not Call list, the unwanted robocalls keep coming. The problem is so bad the Federal Trade Commission asked computer hackers for their best ideas to block these calls. But the big phone companies are dragging their feet offering you the technology to stop robocalls!

That’s why we need you – their paying customers – to tell your phone company what you want: Free tools to stop these calls before they reach you.

Join the Consumer’s Union campaign to get the FCC more tools that we can use to stop robocalls. Sign on and share!

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