Religious leaders may stress over congregants’ issues

Dawn in Menton
Never thought about this. Clergymen may stress over the personal woes their congregants bring to them as they look for guidance and hope in dark times. During these days of darkness for so many, the internal resources of many religious leaders must be stretched quite thin. In my Facebook timeline this morning I spotted these posts and want to pass along Vincent Grove‘s call to pray for our pastors, priests and rabbis … keep them lifted up as so many draw on the wells of their compassion and creativity to inspire hope and strength. It makes sense to help these important leaders say strong in faith and spirit as they serve our friends, family and maybe, even ourselves.

Just read where another pastor committed suicide because of stress and depression….I wanna encourage the people of God/Body of Christ and church members all over seek God for their Pastors/Shepherd/Leader, The Man Of God and continue to lift them up in constant prayer…..I can remember some months ago almost being at the point of depression and breaking down due to stress and worrying abt my building and feeling like no one cared but me and I was almost at a point of becomming burnt out …..”I FINALLY DECIDED I WASN’T GONNA LOOSE MY MIND OR ANYMORE SLEEP AND WORRY ABT IT ANY LONGER I JUST REMEMBERED THAT THIS IS NOT MY BURDEN TO BEAR OR CARRY AND NOT MY SITUATION TO WORRY ABT AND I SIMPLY MADE A FAITH DECISION TO GIVE THIS BUILDING TO GOD”…. So my heart goes out to every pastor who experiences these very same issues along with issues and struggles that come with ministry and leading/serving Gods people… PLEASE PRAY FOR YOUR PASTOR/SHEPHERD AND ASK GOD TO CONTINUE TO KEEP HIM COVERED!!!!!

Yevette Whitehurst responded with this concrete suggestion:

If you haven’t already, Check out Bishop Hilliard’s Crisis Summit for Pastors. It’s a great resource. Show aired tonight but another is soon to air. Go to to sign up and view the program. Very transparent dialogue and it is helpful for lay members as well to understand the burdens and challenges of being a pastor.

Thanks, friends, for bringing this important issue out into the light.

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