Special New Jersey voting options for 2012 election

This will be updated as new information becomes available. Please also see Election 2012 Voter FAQ
Nov 2, 2012 New Jersey State has changed some of the voting rules to help people cast their votes in this election. They include: you can vote early at county clerk offices; you can vote by email or fax; a messenger can bring any number of ballots into the Board of Election. See the State Directive below or visit the League of Women Voters website – they’ve got the best information I’ve seen.

Nov 1, 2012 I learned from Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno’s staff today that they are working with County Clerks and Election Board officials throughout the state to create a contingency plan which ensures that people affected by Hurricane Sandy get the chance to cast their votes in the general election. Until the state-wide plan is announced, each county is handling the voting process a bit differently. You can vote in person at many County Clerk Offices now through Nov 5. If your polling location will be closed on Nov 6 due to Hurricane Sandy, you will be given the chance to vote at a different polling location or by provisional ballot. Learn more about the New Jersey State contingency voting plans by checking with your County Clerk or local Democratic Office.


  • New Jersey State Directive Easing Restrictions on Voters
  • Remember that in New Jersey voting booths, you must individually select each candidate you want to vote for. Be sure to select ALL of your desired candidates before pressing the “Cast Vote” button on the machine.
  • Are you ready to vote? Check here.
  • Voter intimidation is a crime. Call the FBI’s voter intimidation hotline @ 202-514-1888 if someone tries to discourage you from voting.
  • League of Women Voters of New Jersey voter assistance hotline 1-800-792-VOTE(8683)

Three Ways to Vote Early in New Jersey’s November 2012 General Election

  • It’s important to note that Vote By Mail, voting in person at your County Clerk’s office, and early voting are the same basic procedure in New Jersey, and use the same forms. All three procedures are technically labeled as Vote by Mail, even though the USPS mail service isn’t involved in any way when you vote in person at your County Clerk’s Office.
  • There are two forms needed to Vote by Mail: 1) the application to Vote by Mail and 2) the Mail-in Ballot itself
    1. To vote in person, or vote early, at your County Clerk’s Office, simply visit the office. Staff will assist you with filling out the correct forms.
    2. Or, you can send a messenger to the County Clerk’s Office with your Vote by Mail application filled out and signed in Item 12, who will pick up a ballot for you. After you fill out and sign your ballot, the messenger will return with it and hand it in to the County Clerk. That ballot is your vote. For this election only, the number of ballots one messenger can bring in has been relaxed; there is no limit on the number of ballots. And, the messenger doesn’t need to be a resident of the same county as the voter.
    3. Voters displaced by Hurricane Sandy can vote by fax or email. Call your County Clerk or Board of Election Office for more information
    4. Please note: if you need a Vote By Mail/early voting application and ballot brought to you, or a ride see below
  • Special in-person/early voting hours for the 2012 General Election
  • Bergen County extended hours
    • 1 Bergen County Plaza, Hackensack NJ County Clerk Elections Division 201-336-7020
    • Friday, Nov 2 from 9am-4pm
    • Sat & Sun Nov 3&4 from 9am-3pm
    • Monday, Nov 5 from 9am-4pm
  • Passaic County extended hours
    • 401 Grand Street, Paterson NJ County Clerk Elections Division 973-881-4127
    • Friday, Nov 2 from 8:30am-8pm
    • Sat & Sun Nov 3&4 from 9am-4:30pm
  • Essex County extended hours
    • 465 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, Newark, NJ 973.621.4920 X227
    • Friday, Nov 2 until 5:30pm
    • Sat-Mon Nov 3-5 from 8:30am-4:30pm
  • List of County Clerks throughout New Jersey

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