Why the 20 week abortion ban is unconstitutional, unjust and dangerous

keep abortion safe & legalRoe v. Wade established women’s constitutional rights to decide whether we will carry pregnancies to term. It is unconstitutional to impose any ban on abortions. Yet on Wednesday May 13, Congress voted 242 to 184 to ban abortions after 20 weeks of gestation. The ban will make it impossible for women to abort babies that are seriously ill, fail to develop properly or when a pregnancy threatens the mom’s life.

Don’t get me wrong – I hate the idea of aborting a fetus this far advanced in term. But this is an important point: doctors who could perform an abortion of this type probably hate it more, so it will always be difficult to find a doctor willing to perform a late term abortion. Except when there is clear medical need.

The person who will suffer most in a 20 week abortion is the mom: the person who will carry for her entire life the memory of the termination decision, the procedure and the loss of her baby’s life. There’s no way this can be anything but difficult.

These are the reasons we need to make sure that Roe v. Wade is upheld and that a woman can choose to terminate an advanced pregnancy if she feels that it threatens her own life or the welfare of her unborn child.

Planned Parenthood shares testimony from mothers who have needed this type of abortion, along with thought provoking information about the issue.

be a clinic defenderYou can also sign their petition to be a Clinic Defender.

Comedian Jim Jeffries insanely serious on crazy topic of guns

Why have I been padding around my home for 40 minutes enjoying a great laugh? Because a friend shared this video of Aussie comedian Jim Jeffries doing a very special comedy routine on the serious topic of gun violence. Jeffries presents truths so unbelievable, it’s easy to see that they should be jokes. Knowing they are real life scenarios provokes us to laugh over our country’s insane obsession with guns and our tolerance for arms-related violence. Here are some highlights from his routine:

• You need them for protection? Yeah, that’s why they call them “assault” rifles!
• The First Amendment means: I can say the Second Amendment sucks dicks.
• If you keep (guns) locked up, they can’t protect you, can they?

Here's Jim, opening his gun safe after robbers broke in and he's told them to wait a minute.
Source: Jim Jefferies – Guns Are Not Protection – from BARE Netflix Special

Jeffries points out the difference between Australia’s sensible approach to gun control and America’s insanity over it.

In Australia, we had the biggest massacre on earth, and the Australian government went: ‘That’s it! NO MORE GUNS.’

And we all went, ‘Yeah, all right then, that seems fair enough, really.’

Now in America…

@Vincent Wrice responded to my comment, “It’s already illegal to feed people in some states. Now OK wants to criminalize warm clothing. He shared the video and the remark, “Cool. Regulate hoodies and not guns.”

Oklahoma aims to outlaw hoodies

It is truly time to end America’s insane tolerance of violence and intolerant stance on diversity.

Updated 14 June 2016 following the Orlando massacre. Peace, love and comfort to the survivors of this tragedy and other acts of violence.

Racist Mountain Dew goat series commercial pulled

Racist Mountain Dew commercial

Racist Mountain Dew commercialFriend of a friend Sandi Baronvonsassypants Snipe summed this disgusting series of Mountain Dew commercial up much better than I can:

Uggg. I could go on and on about the many fuckeries this commercial promotes but then I would just cry.

Our mutual friend @bryanalexander posted this on Facebook with this note, “Here’s the full Mountain Dew goat commercial series. #3 is the killer. Wow.” And yeah, I found it not only racist, but quite unsettling.

What do you think?