Comedian Jim Jeffries insanely serious on crazy topic of guns

Why have I been padding around my home for 40 minutes enjoying a great laugh? Because a friend shared this video of Aussie comedian Jim Jeffries doing a very special comedy routine on the serious topic of gun violence. Jeffries presents truths so unbelievable, it’s easy to see that they should be jokes. Knowing they are real life scenarios provokes us to laugh over our country’s insane obsession with guns and our tolerance for arms-related violence. Here are some highlights from his routine:

• You need them for protection? Yeah, that’s why they call them “assault” rifles!
• The First Amendment means: I can say the Second Amendment sucks dicks.
• If you keep (guns) locked up, they can’t protect you, can they?

Here's Jim, opening his gun safe after robbers broke in and he's told them to wait a minute.
Source: Jim Jefferies – Guns Are Not Protection – from BARE Netflix Special

Jeffries points out the difference between Australia’s sensible approach to gun control and America’s insanity over it.

In Australia, we had the biggest massacre on earth, and the Australian government went: ‘That’s it! NO MORE GUNS.’

And we all went, ‘Yeah, all right then, that seems fair enough, really.’

Now in America…

@Vincent Wrice responded to my comment, “It’s already illegal to feed people in some states. Now OK wants to criminalize warm clothing. He shared the video and the remark, “Cool. Regulate hoodies and not guns.”

Oklahoma aims to outlaw hoodies

It is truly time to end America’s insane tolerance of violence and intolerant stance on diversity.

Updated 14 June 2016 following the Orlando massacre. Peace, love and comfort to the survivors of this tragedy and other acts of violence.

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