List of safe Big Box companies that don’t let armed people through the door

Courtesy: Moms Demand Action
I’m not much for supporting Big Box companies. I also don’t shop for a hobby – or even window shop, and I can count on my fingers the number of times in a decade that I set foot in a mall. But I do occasionally shop in a grocery store or watch a movie, so this list is useful even for me. Because I’d rather support a business any day that’s serious about keeping patrons safe, than one that enables “armed creeps”. Wouldn’t you?

Charlie Self, who composed the list, says: read more

Comedian Jim Jeffries insanely serious on crazy topic of guns

Why have I been padding around my home for 40 minutes enjoying a great laugh? Because a friend shared this video of Aussie comedian Jim Jeffries doing a very special comedy routine on the serious topic of gun violence. Jeffries presents truths so unbelievable, it’s easy to see that they should be jokes. Knowing they are real life scenarios provokes us to laugh over our country’s insane obsession with guns and our tolerance for arms-related violence. Here are some highlights from his routine: read more

You Have Lost Your Minds and Your Way, a poem

You Have Lost Your Minds and Your Way

You Republican preachers with your bible in one hand
And your gun in the other
You can’t tell me nothing
Telling me to accept the will of God in my body
Then go out and kill somebody
You can’t tell me nothing

By Mark Graham, 2013
Titled by Cynthia Oneday Flood.