I’m going to miss Jon Stewart but Noah is looking pretty good

I know you’re going to miss this face as much as I am.Jon Stewart

But after watching this clip I’m looking forward to more of Trevor Noah‘s commentary on The Today Show. Not only does Noah come out of South Africa, the land where everyone rides lions and wears leopard skin suits. But he’s got a cool, straight man presence, very subtle and titillating. And Noah’s biracial – a heritage that was impossible during the days of apartheid, not so very long ago. So this should be a fun adventure. read more

Comedian Jim Jeffries insanely serious on crazy topic of guns

Why have I been padding around my home for 40 minutes enjoying a great laugh? Because a friend shared this video of Aussie comedian Jim Jeffries doing a very special comedy routine on the serious topic of gun violence. Jeffries presents truths so unbelievable, it’s easy to see that they should be jokes. Knowing they are real life scenarios provokes us to laugh over our country’s insane obsession with guns and our tolerance for arms-related violence. Here are some highlights from his routine: read more