The Jordan Journal content – Teachings Of Ramon Jimenez – are free for his memorial anniversary

NY Times photo of Ramon Jimenez
Foto Source: @NYTimes article: Activist Is Celebrated at the College He Helped Save

On May 10th, 2016 at the age of 67 activist Ramon Jimenez passed away of prostate cancer. The Harvard-trained lawyer, litigator, activist, writer, former administrative law judge, and journalist was a permanent fixture in the movement for social justice and a champion of progressive struggles. He led the fight to save Hostos Community College in the South Bronx, organized rallies against police brutality, took on South Bronx corrupt politicians and spearheaded a campaign that led to the removal of a corrupt National Puerto Rican Day Parade board to one with a more reform-oriented bent. On the electoral front this fiercely proud and apologetically Black Puerto Rican disenchanted with the Republican and Democratic duopoly was the Attorney General candidate for the Freedom Party and the Green Party

After Ramon’s passing I approached Ramon’s daughter Laila-Roman Jimenez and asked if I could create this premium for WBAI which broadcast The Jordan Journal. a program which Ramon called “one of his favorites.” I felt that Ramon’s message MUST not be forgotten, recast or de-radicalized as has become common right wing practice for progressive icons like Albizu Campos, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, and others.

Familia, since it is rapidly approaching the one-year anniversary of his passing I once again offer this collection of “The Teachings of Ramon Jimenez” to the progressive community in its entirety free. Links will also be placed on my website Some of you ordered part of this compilation as a premium on WBAI but due to internal problems at the station delivery was delayed. My sincerest apologies. This tribute is presented in two parts. First the show I did shortly after Ramon’s passing on May 20th where I interviewed Assemblyman Charles Barron, Ponce Espinal of the Ramon Jimenez Legacy Project, Laila Roman-Jimenez, Ramon’s daughter, Lucky Rivera, and Javier Nieves. Press link to listen.

The rest of the compilation of interviews spans from 2007 to 2016 and some additional tributes to Ramon. Press the link at the beginning of this letter for the total collection of nearly every interview I did with Ramon and a brief introduction of some segments. Please share this information and ask that it be included in your local library. During the coming months many will hold anniversary activities and a possible street naming to honor Ramon and I hope these recordings are informative and give you some insight into this progressive apostle of our movement. Again my thanks to all that have assisted me in this effort. Un abrazo,

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