The People won prison phone justice today – thanks FCC!

We won phone justice
Graphic by Jermaine Chambers
What kind of a nation would lock up 10% of its adult population long term for minor crimes like smoking a marijuana joint or stealing a jacket … and on top of that, make calling home so expensive for prisoners it became virtually impossible?

Well, that would be the United States of America – until this morning, that is, when the FCC voted to make prison calls affordable. Thank you for heading up this valuable initiative Commissioner Mignon Clyburn.

Today (Thursday, 21 October 2015), the Federal Communications Commission voted 3-2 to cap the rates and fees companies charge those families struggling to keep in touch with incarcerated relatives by phone. That change came as a direct result of mounting pressure from groups across the country.

The new cap could represent a 50% drop in prison phone call costs. State and federal prison phone rates will be capped at 11 cents a minute. Jail rates will be capped anywhere from 14 to 22 cents per minute.

Jermaine Chambers’ graphic shared by Campaign for Prison Phone Justice

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