Verizon wants to control your internet. Keep them out.

Learn more about the organizations fighting to protect people’s rights to control our internet experience without interference, steering or editing, and how you can get involved. Also:
Sign the Declaration of Internet Freedom and
Sign the Digital Citizens’ Bill of Rights

Imagine if every small business website was blocked by these guys – that could happen any time if big service and content providers get their way. How would that affect your own business, your community, your family and friends? Then take action: sign petitions, talk about this issue, write your politicians and letters to newspaper editors. Blog and discuss via social media. Rip this wide open. Open internet access is one of the great freedom fights of our time. We have to use it so we don’t lose it.

This is going to be a standard topic of discussion at every Green Drinks 3 meeting going forward. We meet in 3 north Jersey (US) cities every month to discuss green/sustainable issues and now – keeping the web open.

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