Why the TPP’s so bad, and why you should care

Info on TPP found at the EFF website
You know the part where they teach you that we are citizens of a democracy – which means free speech, civil rights for all and fairness in our justice and commerce systems?

No matter what we might be duking out on United States soil in regards to what that means for People of Color, women, transgender folk and whatnot .. what would our lives be like if those rights were permanently taken away from all of us, permanently .. and control over them were given not even to foreign governments, but to major corporations instead of any government at all?

That’s what the TPP is.

The EFF shares a lot more. Is EFF a credible source of information? I think so. Learn more about them at Technopedia (this is just a snippet of the info they serve up) and make up your own mind:

The group’s objective is to confront cutting-edge digital rights issues by defending privacy, free speech, consumer rights and invention.

EFF is a partner in Our Fair Deal coalition, which explains how international law affects you:

The changes to copyright required by the TPP would reduce our access to information and restrict our ability to innovate, both on and offline.

Changing our copyright laws in ways that restrict the open Internet and economic opportunity are unfair to citizens, businesses, creators, and civil society organizations. Not only could such changes raise prices for users of copyright works, but they could also stifle our knowledge economy and chill innovation.

There are lots of petitions circulating to protest the TPP. Sign all of them, starting here.

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