A Syrian refugee in the UK shares hope and thanks for the kindness he’s experienced

Jack AR's room in UK
Foto source: Jack AR’s post to Calais – People to People Solidarity – Action from UK Facebook Group
Syrian refugee Jack AR (Ahmad al Rashid) posted these words of thanks, hope and homesickness in the Facebook group Calais – People to People Solidarity – Action from UK. It’s quite a statement:

This is my new home in England and, I have to tell you, it has taken me completely by surprise. I had heard and read so much about how the British people were so unwelcoming to migrants and asylum seekers and want to close the borders and even bomb the boats carrying migrants. But my experience has shown me that the ones who care and want to help far outnumber the ones who don’t. I have met such kindness from so many strangers.

I was forced to leave my home in Syria due to the terrible war in my country. Of course, wherever I go I will never feel happier or more comfortable than being in my home in Syria. I have my roots there, I grew up there, I have all my friends and loved ones there (the ones who are still struggling to stay alive and the ones who lost their lives in this horrendous war), I have all my memories there, my childish dreams and aspirations.

Many people understand this, especially the refugees, migrants and immigrants who have been forced to leave their home and have also felt the pain and recognise what I feel.

Yesterday, when I moved into this house and I was shown my room by the family who are hosting me in their own home, I was stunned and amazed by their attitude and the way they treated me. The hospitality and care which they showed to make me comfortable is something I don’t have words to describe. This was a tremendous relief and soothed my fears and worries.

I sincerely thank all and everyone who made this happen. You can’t imagine how many people are giving their time, efforts and money to help people like me. I thank all the Calais support /solidarity groups, the organisers and their dedicated supporters within the UK and elsewhere. I thank the Room for Refugees initiative and the people behind it.

I thank everyone who helped to spread the word and showing me that people here really do care.

Good luck, Jack and God bless!

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