Guide to NJ’s 2020 Vote by Mail Election

Patch published a detailed synopsis of how New Jersey’s first vote-by-mail elections are going to work. 2020 is the first year that mail-in ballot voting will be taking place statewide.

Vote by Mail ballots can be returned by the USPS, placed in ballot boxes Gov. Murphy is situating around the state, turned in at polling locations and at county offices.

You can also cast your vote by visiting a polling location, but the ballot will be provisional since the staff will not be able to tell whether you have already sent in your mail-in ballot.

In light of delays in USPS mail delivery caused by orders to remove mail sorting equipment and cuts to employee hours which have been issued by Trump’s appointee to the position of Postmaster General, many options are needed to ensure that every person’s vote is counted.

Return your ballots as soon as possible.

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