Israel conspiracy theories are incitements to hate Jews. If you love truth, don’t buy in.

Muslim leader & Hitler - Jew hatred is in Quran
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There are an exponentially growing number of anti-Jewish incidents around the world, predominantly fueled by extremist Muslim dollars, the indifference of progressives and the silence of people whose reason and compassion might positively influence public opinion – except they won’t speak out. I don’t wish to enable hatred with my own silence.

However, disputing the viciousness of Jew haters makes me instantly frustrated. It seems a daunting task to confront the beliefs of people who when it comes to bashing Jews thoughtlessly spread rumour and innuendo against my people and hold onto an unreasoning hatred of Jews no matter what good we do. These people embrace an unreasoning support for Muslims no matter what harm or violence Muslim extremists commit … and show no interest in factual analysis of the rumours that are disseminated by propagandists, or the truth. In their hatred for Jews the unreasoning are eager to embrace information that fuels their hatred and show no interest in assessing whether the information is true or false.

When the Western press blatantly colludes with spreading baseless assertions meant to stir up hatred against Jews, it is clear that truth has become unimportant in the English speaking and European worlds.

HonestReporting Managing Editor Simon Plosker says:

When somebody accuses Israel of being a hidden hand manipulating world events and news coverage, this is the sort of bigotry akin to Nazi sympathizers, white supremacist websites, and fans of the notorious forgery The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. That the editors of these two newspapers were either unable or unwilling to recognize the rantings of a conspiracy theorist and chose to publish this letter is highly disturbing.

Of course, freedom of speech is a fundamental value. Nonetheless, this does not mean that common sense is thrown out of the window and anything and everything, including offensive material and hate speech, needs to be published in a credible newspaper.

Huffpost explains how Saudi money seems to be funding the spread of intolerance and hate in Muslim nations:

It would be troublesome but perhaps acceptable for the House of Saud to promote the intolerant and extremist Wahhabi creed just domestically. But, unfortunately, for decades the Saudis have also lavishly financed its propagation abroad. Exact numbers are not known, but it is thought that more than $100 billion have been spent on exporting fanatical Wahhabism to various much poorer Muslim nations worldwide over the past three decades. It might well be twice that number. By comparison, the Soviets spent about $7 billion spreading communism worldwide in the 70 years from 1921 and 1991.

This appears to be a monumental campaign to bulldoze the more moderate strains of Islam, and replace them with the theo-fascist Saudi variety.

Lovers of truth and justice need to put a global anti-rumour strategy in place to teach the value of differentiating lies from truth and instruct the public in how to tease out the truth from the midst of the bog of misinformation in which hate-inciters are attempting to mire all of us.

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