Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance spends $808M windfall on transformative policing

Vance with soccer troupe
DA Vance with SNL Soccer Tournament participants Dec 2014 Source:
Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance has close to a billion discretionary dollars to spend ($808 million), mostly acquired as penalties paid by banks for criminal wrongdoing or settlement fees. He’s still deciding what to spend some of it on but certain allocations have already been made.

$38M is going for labs in 20 states to test the 56,000 unprocessed rape kits that have been discovered sitting unprocessed in police warehouses all around the country . The US Attorney General is contributing another $41 million to this backlog clearing project.

In New York City, police are getting smartphones from Mr. Vance’s fund: the biggest communication upgrade since walkie-talkies were purchased decades ago. He’s also introducing crime prevention programs, like sports in housing projects and family wellness education. The New York Times reports,

Some of the proposals being considered amount to social engineering aimed at addressing early traumas that studies have shown lead to crime. They include providing nurses to fractured families with babies and spotting troubled children in foster care and juvenile detention centers, then steering them into counseling. “There is a real interest in keeping people out of the system from the get-go,” Mr. Jacobson said.

Hat tip to Hemant Wadhwani for the excellent find. Photo source: New York County District Attorney’s Office

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    1. Stella Dixon-Draper : well it will require a bigger budget IF this is the ‘supposed’ answer’ to the problem because this means all WHITE Officers must first undergo a fucking LOBOTOMY (which is quite expensive)……… 😉

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